Sons Of Anarchy Blu-Ray Case

Sons Of Anarchy Table

This is a really basic design: a cigar case based on the club table the Sons would gather around for planning criminal behavior and voting — not unlike our politicians, har-har. All jokes aside I always liked their table but it wasn’t enough for its own case, thus this cigar case hybrid.

Sons Of Anarchy Table

Besides the club logo engraving on top, one touch is a gavel-shaped locket which would enlist a magnet to fasten shut. I always thought it would be cool to use gavel in some fashion, as it is commonly associated with the club table.

Sons Of Anarchy Table

Originally I made this case perfectly-shaped for 5 standard Blu-Ray cases, but at the last moment I changed the cases to the smaller CD-sized ones (top picture), so they’d be easier to pry from the box. There would be a spare compartment for other accessories (lighters, cigar cutters, etc.) as a result. If I had a mulligan the case would be bigger or feature a drop-down flap in the front so all the cases are easy to access (a silly mistake but one that can be easily remedied).

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  1. You should make and Sell those I bet you would make a killing of them Id buy one

  2. That’s probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Any chance that might be or sale?

  3. I would like to by one!! damn nice brother..

  4. I would love to buy 2-3 if you are selling please let me know they are bad azz

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