Doctor Who Shakri Cube Clock


Doctor Who Clock IPhone Dock 2012 Dave Delisle

If you’re a Whovian you probably recognize this Shakri Cube, featured in a recent episode. Because of their countdown timer feature and small size, I thought they would be ideal for a clock. These cubes also open, so an iOS device dock might be a worthwhile addition. This could be a normal clock or alarm clock.

The only drawback would be needing a cord for power, which spoils the appearance of this looking somewhat like a prop replica. All the LED lights are not very optimal for battery operation. Instead it could be solar-powered or maybe sitting on a wireless charge pad/mat, allowing you to pick it up and juggle it or throw recklessly at co-workers.

I’d also include a couple of plain black cubes, should you want to stack them. Power could be re-routed through all the cubes, much like this neat Tetris light from Thinkgeek.*

*Speaking of Tetris and clocks and Thinkgeek, have you seen this?

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  1. Nice concept! But I don’t know how I feel about the power cord — maybe a 9V battery + solar? Not for the form factor, but because I don’t want my cube to “wake up” determined to send me into cardiac arrest one year after purchase. Better to limit the power…. Just in case.

  2. I really really want one of these Shakri Cube Clocks! How/where would I get one and haw much would they be? And do they ship to NZ?

  3. can I request a kickstarter for this?

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