Zelda Doors Help!

Zelda Door Lock Chain 2012 Dave Delisle

My plan was to make a couple of Zelda door posters for people to buy, unfortunately it is very expensive from my current vendor (about $60+ apiece for door sizes). I then saw a few places that sell door posters for as little as $10 – $15 each, so I reached out to them (no response yet).

So if anyone can point me to a place that specializes in door posters, please let me know via email or the comments.

Besides the Ocarina Of Time dungeon door above I’ve also made a boss door from Windwaker. These can be fitted to the standard 60″ x 23″ size or the 60″ x 28″ as seen above (you’d have to punch out a hole for the door handle for the 28″ size).

I feel these would be great for bedroom doors, and maybe a few bosses out there would like this at the workplace.

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  1. I love this! Although I alwasy wanted a different door from Zelda. Do you know the door to the witches cottage in TLoZ Majora’s Mask? Years ago I tried to get a decent screenshot from it to be able to project it on a door and paint it.

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