Autobot Matrix Light Switch

Autobot Matrix light switch by davesgeekyideas

A Transformers-themed switch to light your darkest room. It features an LED bulb when activated. To make it user-friendly, the Matrix is tilted 90 degrees. The LED could also function as a nightlight, something kids would appreciate.

2 thoughts on “Autobot Matrix Light Switch

  1. shouldn’t it be a light switch/nightlight? it would glow when open/Off (and the room was dark, helping you to locate it), and turn off when closed/On.
    or is it that, and I’m misreading the description/graphic?

    they did make a light-up replica, but it’s not meant as a light source

    1. I suppose it could be that too. I forgot it was always emitting light, my bad.

      No you are not misreading the graphic, I just decided to turn off the matrix light too when the room light was off.

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