Star Trek View Screen TV

Star Trek Viewscreen TV LCD Monitor 2011 Dave Delisle

Several months ago I designed a ‘Star Trek View Screen‘ gadget that would accommodate any LCD monitor or TV. Then I recently thought this feature could be directly embedded into the LCD monitor itself. And voila.

Wouldn’t be too hard to make a matching remote…

Star Trek remote

Ideally, you could switch the lights off as they might get distracting. I also wouldn’t mind having those BING sound effects included as an option too.

This idea just seems well, logical (pardon the pun).

In my lifetime I have seen many brands stamped onto products, most notably with cars. We recently had a Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep. A few years back, Ford issued Eddie Bauer SUV’s. After a brief hiatus, Ford has resumed issuing Harley Davidson trucks this year. Yes you read right, Harley Davidson trucks.

Other memorable offerings: Whistler/Blackcomb edition Chevy trucks (a ski resort?), as well as GM offering Olympic-styled vehicles (with vomit-inducing gold hubcaps) during Calgary ’88. Blech.

So why not a Star Trek-branded TV or monitor?  It’s a seamless fit. Samsung, Sony, LG, anyone – please make it.

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