Watch This! Part 3: Final Fantasy VII

Geeky Wrist Watch Designs 2011 Dave Delisle

Here is a watch design based on the city of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. The watch could come in several flavors, above is a black matte design with a ‘Materia’ wrist strap.

Geeky Wrist Watch Designs 2011 Dave Delisle

The “towers” surrounding the city face could also illuminate. The hands are based on the swords belonging to Cloud and Sephiroth.

Here is a white gold version and one with green lighting:

Geeky Wrist Watch Designs 2011 Dave Delisle




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  1. Are you selling these? I really really would like one!
    Have you actually made real versions of these?
    If so how much are you selling these for?
    Please get back to me, I’m extremely seriously interested!

      • Yes, I just read that under the FAQ section… I’m really crushed! haha

        I have to give you props though, this is the most epic watch design ever!
        Seriously though, “IF” or “When” this becomes real, make sure you email me about it first!

  2. would you mind if i gave these details to a watchmaker or jewelery store to see if they could make me one if you’re not gonna make them for sale?

    • I don’t know what’s more offensive: your request, or your unrealistic expectation I make these available for sale.

      You can try but unless you are super-wealthy you’ll never get a prototype made.

  3. im sorry i didnt mean to offend you, nor did i expect you to make these available for sale, i just didnt word my post very well, i apologise for waht i siad i didnt mean to cause offense, i was jsut trying to ask permission, to try and get one made,

    once again i apologise

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