HAL 9000 Webcam

HAL 9000 webcam design by Dave's Geeky Ideas

This is another no-brainer product idea, as many people have thought about this (perhaps even you), but I wanted to post this idea for the record. There needs to be a webcam/camera based on the sinister HAL 9000 from the Space Odyssey films.

Currently you have to resort to building one yourself.  A Google search indicates many talented people have made a PC case-mod or webcam based on HAL 9000.

I designed this with a tilting lens and a telescoping mount, so you don’t have to move it’s large frame around too much. Ideally it would come with a pulsing light and maybe a few phrases* from the film. I’d make it a USB hub too.

If you like this idea, or any other gadget idea I’ve posted, please bug Thinkgeek here. Send them an email with a link to this post, and tell them you want one. Your endorsement is much appreciated.

*I’m not saying that because I’m a Dave! Maybe a custom name entry option would ensure everyone gets the chills from their PC.


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  1. I’d like to use the webcam pic in a presentation ‘Future of Smart Agents’ (with your link) – OK?

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