Pepé Le Pew Fragrance Bottle

pepe le pew fragrance design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Here is a fragrance/brand design for Pepé Le Pew, hopeless romantic and unknowing cat lover. Despite the skunk on the bottle, it should probably smell good. This can be a cologne or aftershave.

Here is a bonus brand design for the object of Pepé’s affections: Penelope the cat. I just thought it would be hilarious if she was intentionally trying to lure the skunk. This could be for perfume or cosmetics.


6 thoughts on “Pepé Le Pew Fragrance Bottle

  1. This is an AMAZING IDEA! I always have been a HUGE Pepe Le Pew fan! And putting him on a bottle of cologne would instantaneously draw fans (like myself) to it. I think It’s a great Idea! He’s such a badass! He’s a romantic, oversexed guy who happens to SMELL AWFUL! but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his ego and determination. I can also connect this to a person who doesn’t fit in (like myself). I stand out from the crowd. I choose to make myself look different from everyone else (I’m a white guy who has an afro, wears tie dye shirts & bandannas… And happen to have a shirt of Pepe myself, just cause I love him.) Random people / strangers rarely talk to me cause I quote “stink” (don’t fit in with the crowd). But underneath it all I myself am also a VERY romantic person, I just never get a chance to show it cause women run away from me cause I look strange and don’t fit in, or what I would say in Pepe’s words “I stink”. And that’s how I make the connection.

    But anyway…. I really think someone NEEDS! to make this and market it, It would do great! I would defiantly go get this in a heartbeat. It wouldn’t even matter what it smells like, (though I think it would be awesome if it was a really thick, musky smell.) Just the simple fact that he’s on the bottle would be enough to get someone to buy it. I sure would, and if your a big Pepe Le Pew fan I think you would agree with me 100%.

    Like I said in the beginning of this… it’s an AMAZING IDEA! SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE THIS!!!

    1. Thanks for endoresement Travis! I always apreciate it when someone is as enthusiastic about one of my posts as I am.

      It would be great if Warner Bros or a fragrance company decided to run with this. Would be a hit in my opinion.

      At the same time, would be a great novelty bottle that you can buy empty and put whatever fragrance you want in it. I’d also love to just make decals available for people to affix to their plain bottles (or bottles stripped of labels).

  2. I once saw a Pepe le pew perfume in Deep Elum in a little shop in Dallas. It was a bottle shaped like him and filled with a segment. Only saw it once and wanted it so bad but I was a kid and couldn’t afford it. I think this is a fabulous idea! There is only one other perfume bottle out there for him and it comes empty, (besides the one original I saw of him described above) this is just a fabulous idea! I would so buy it!!

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