Ice Hockey 2 Please!

Super Mario Hockey NES

Yesterday Nintendo announced a new Mario Tennis for 2012. The Mario Tennis franchise has been released on the Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube (which saw a re-release on the Wii). While Tennis gets a lot of love, I feel Nintendo should resurrect a title they haven’t touched since the NES* – Ice Hockey.

In this blogger’s opinion, Ice Hockey was the first great hockey video game. It had a simple mechanic: create a lineup of 4 players, choosing between skinny, normal, and fat body types. Skinny players were fast, but easy to flatten with a body check. Fat players were physical and had a booming slap shot, but were very slow on the ice. Normal players were average across the board.

That core mechanic could remain for a sequel. The only major addition would be the inclusion of Mario characters, much like the other Nintendo sports games. Luigi could be the skinny player, Mario the normal player, and Wario the fat player. Many other Nintendo characters like Yoshi and Donkey Kong could be included as well.

This game would be ideal for the 3DS. You might be able to fit the whole rink in the top screen. Stick-handling, passing, and shooting could be done with the stylus on the touch-screen.

*I’m going to ignore the Stanley Cup game they released for the SNES, and the hockey mode in Mario And Sonic Go The Winter Games for Wii.

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