Watch This! Part 6: Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Watch 2011 Dave Delisle

It’s been awhile since the last Watch This post, so I thought I’d revisit the series with this Hot Wheels entry. Essentially the wrist strap is comprised of the Hot Wheels orange modular track that was popular in the 70’s and 80’s, and features some miniature cars that traverse said track.

The watch would work if the cars were static, but I think it’s possible to have them loose and affixed to the track, like beads to a thread. A flick of the wrist would have the card race around.

This layout has the cars entering and exiting the watch face, however they could remain outside. You could even have a lone car enclosed in the watch face doing an eternal loop.

Like this idea? Check out this clock or this sign design. Here is the rest of the Watch This series.

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