LEGO Package Design

LEGO Package Design Dave Delisle

NOTE: This was my entry for the 2011 SCA Package Design contest. I did not win, and it haunts me to this very day.

SCA had a LEGO packaging design contest which was open until yesterday. The goal was to create a replacement design for the case that held starter LEGO and Duplo sets. This design would address numerous factors, ranging from production to retail to consumer use.

Knowing that everyone else would make a case that resembled a LEGO brick, I decided to do something different.

Today I unveil most* of my entry, which I call the Wave Case. The wave shape is not for looks, but for function. For starters the wave shape creates four distinct handles, making it easy to carry:

LEGO Package Design Dave Delisle

One of the Wave Case’s features is a storage bracket for all the booklets and pamphlets that come with LEGO sets. This bracket is adjustable, allowing for more booklets to be added. This promotes the collection of LEGO, and helps prevent the waste of printed materials.

I wanted to make this case easier to open than LEGO’s current model, where you have to wedge the lid off with your fingers. With the lids attached to the bin, it is a snap to open:

LEGO Package Design Dave Delisle

The second reason for the wave-shaped design was to make the removable lids ergonomically easy to pry off and put back on the lid. Note the placement of the hands when pulling off and attaching the lid (above image).

The lids are attached with clasps that resemble the hands of a minifig. Making the lids removable is a safety feature, and allows for the easier spilling of bricks. But one feature I wanted to add that would appeal to many, is making one lid a sort of dustpan/scoop to help in the cleaning of LEGO bricks:

LEGO Package Design Dave Delisle

I know some parents would get a kick out of the cleaning feature.

Other features: I made the stickers smaller so they could be more temporary in nature. The current starter sets feature large stickers that cover one side of the case. The bracket system could also store large flat pieces of LEGO, so there wouldn’t be a need for large cardboard placeholders.

*The case is stackable, for both storage and production. I also addressed security straps for retail display. A bunch of other stuff in my entry is not covered here, just wanted to showcase the main features.

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