A Few Small Ideas

Zelda Gravestone Graveyard Cemetery

1. Cartridge Tombstones. I thought this was too macabre to post here, but it’s been popular on Tumblr so it can’t be all bad. Sure it’s a fun spin on tombstones, but I doubt any cemetery would permit them. However that will change when we geeks complete our world takeover in 2019. I said too much.

Balrog Street Fighter in Punch-Out!!

2. Modding Punch-Out!! If I had the technical know-how, I would love to edit the game sprites to include some pop culture boxers: Balrog from Street Fighter (above); Rocky, Ivan Drogo, Appolo Creed, and Mr. T from the Rocky movies; Honey Roy Palmer (what? I like Diggstown); the Kangaroo from Looney Tunes; and I know I’m forgetting a few. As for real boxers like Tyson and Ali, I feel they are best left to EA’s Fight Night sim.

Star Trek Borg wireless charging pad 2011 Dave Delisle

3. Borg Wireless Charging Station. This is an old post, but I remade the art and I think it looks coo. I’ve been redoing art for a bunch of older stuff lately. Here is another example.

And that’s all for this roundup. If this were a YouTube video I’d be begging you to subscribe about now (though I’ll settle for being bookmarked). Have a nice Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “A Few Small Ideas

  1. The tombstone idea is clever… but ultimately just another tombstone.
    You wonder if/how cemeteries would permit them – I wonder how we permit cemeteries.

    I’d like to be sorry if I offend anybody but I can’t – cemeteries are huge stupid, fatalistic wastes of space and they shouldn’t be encouraged (imo). So yes, it’s clever indeed and would undoubtedly make me chuckle if I saw it in real life… but it would be surrounded by hundreds of other tombstones in a plot of land several acres large and I would have no choice but to curse that dead person for taking up valuable space for living people.

      1. So long as your RSS feed doesn’t change addresses, I’ll still be lurking 😉 I always love seeing your ideas and creativity.

  2. Don’t forget we need ‘Weeping Angel’ statuettes allowed for the mausoleums. Remember not to blink! 🙂

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