Optimus Prime Washer And Dryer

Optimus Prime Transformers washer dryer design 2016 dave delisle davesgeekyideas

Saw a bright red washer and dryer set recently, and this idea was born. I’m in a good mood and it’s Friday so I’ll share it: In a cruel twist of fate, Optimus Prime has been recruited to clean clothes, ’til all laundry is done!

Same basic layout as this set, with drawers at the bottom front and dials on the top. The tires are the biggest addition, maybe that will result in quieter spin cycles? The buzzer could be replaced by a quaint truck horn.

Optimus Prime washer and dryer by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Too crazy a design for the North American market? I bet it would catch on in Japan, where Prime is known as “Convoy”; a weird choice because that name is plural, but I digress.

This reminds me of the time I almost made a Soundwave oven design. That was a doozy, his tape cassette torso was the oven door, if that gives you an idea. Too weird for even me.

3 thoughts on “Optimus Prime Washer And Dryer

  1. LOVE it. My GF and I were house shopping Saturday and she wanted to start looking at washer/dryers afterward. So naturally I had to suggest this. I just texted here and already I can feel the eye-roll and here her thoughts “Oh, Good Lord, no.”

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