HD Game Boy System

HD Game Boy Console by Dave Delisle clone console nintendo

I really want this design, because the only cartridges I own are of the Game Boy variety, and I’d like to play them on an HD television. Right now my only option to play GB games via HDMI is the Retron 5, but that system is overkill for my needs.

Not only do I want a dedicated console for playing Game Boy/GB Color/GB Advance games in HD, but I want a console that can offer all the functionality of TWO Game Boys:

Game Boy HDMI console by Dave Delisle

With a second cartridge slot, this console offers multiplayer and link cable functions (like trading Pokemon). A single player can toggle between the 2 Game Boys at anytime. You could even mix and match games at the same time, but one player will need headphones. An audio jack could be on the player 2 controller to remedy this, much like the audio jack on a Roku remote.

This system would also include save states, great for game paks with dead batteries. I imagine many gamers would prefer to have all their save files in one location as well.

I went with a GameCube theme here, but I’m not too attached to this look. I just wanted to demonstrate my dream Game Boy system.

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