Nintendo R.O.B. Raspberry Pi Case


In the past few years Kintaro and RetroFlag have released a bunch of Nintendo-inspired cases for the Raspberry Pi 3, and they are all pretty darn impressive (personally I’m holding out for a Sega Genesis version). Thought I would design a case for the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero based on the R.O.B. toy.

Nothing too fancy, the Pi Zero would sit in the base of the┬árobot. When powered on, R.O.B.’s eyes and indicator light would illuminate. The robot is a static mold, no articulation or robotics, mostly because he is very small.

raspberry pi zero w case design by Dave Delisle

Speaking of small, this robot is tiny, about 3 x 3 x 3 inches so it would almost be in scale with the NES Classic. This design could be embiggened for the Raspberry Pi 3 or other single board computers that are larger in size.

There is ample room for heatsinks and fans, but I’ve never needed a fan for my Zero so I might be overthinking things here. The lone USB port would feed power to the LED lights, so a wireless Bluetooth controller is recommended for gaming.

But wait, there’s more!

Another configuration for this case is to house an OTG Adapter for ne’er-do-wells who have modified their NES Classics to play games from a USB thumb drive.

NES Classic OTG adapter NES R.O.B. design by Dave Delisle

There are many OTG Adapters on the market right now, but I made this unique version to accept a USB thumb drive and to power R.O.B.’s lights.

If this ever became a product I don’t know if I would sell it with both configurations in one package, or as two separate products. Probably the latter, I’m not a fan of waste. Then again, versatility has its appeal. Argh I’m overthinking things again.

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