Microsoft Clippy Floating Pen


Microsoft is a relatively unknown company, and they need lots of help raising brand awareness. So I designed this promotional item to help get the word out! This is one of those ‘floating pens’ which contain a sliding image that moves up and down the pen. See it in action after the jump.


Beloved mascot Clippy ‘taps’ in the upper position (remember when he tapped on your monitor to get your attention?), and then offers his help in the lower position. Clippy was the first Siri/Alexa, decades ahead of his time. Just maybe a bit too eager for his own good.

I don’t know if there is too much text in this design for it to be legible in an actual floating pen, may need to play with the amount of text and/or layout to make it work. Whatever edits I end up doing, the same trick of hiding text in the background would apply.

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