Game Of Thrones Hockey Jersey: The Starks


Game Of Thrones DIrewolves Starks Hockey Jersey

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Lately I’ve been held hostage by all things Game of Thrones. I took a moment to step back and realize all these different Kingdoms could be represented by sports teams. They each fly a banner bearing a sigil, usually depicting a fierce animal – much like a typical sports franchise would.

Wile E. Coyote Blueprints Wallpaper

Wile E Coyote Blueprint

UPDATE: This is now available as a poster you can buy. Check it out here.

Originally this was slated to be part of the Mad Scientist Gear series, but I decided to make these a regular feature. Introducing Wile E. Coyote’s series of blueprints featuring backfiring trap designs.

These will be facsimiles of the blueprints as they appeared in the cartoons. I know they look very clean and simplistic, but that’s how they looked. I’m sure you could add a ‘worn paper’ look to the images easily enough if you so choose.

I would like Warner Bros. to offer these as posters, but they currently do not. For now they’ll do as desktop wallpapers. Or you could go to and get yourself a wall decal. Or you could get some actual blueprints made! Decisions decisions.

Two large sizes and one for the iPhone, click to enlarge:

I will post a new blueprint every so often. Hope you like them!

Monsters Inc Fathead Design

Disney Fathead Monsters Inc

I feel the Scare Floor Door System from Monsters Inc. would make for an excellent Fathead design. Fatheads are those large decals which are affixed to walls, usually depicting sports teams or pop culture items. You can head to the official Fathead site and check out their selection.

Basically you’d have two large Fatheads flanking the door, and a smaller Fathead on top of the door. A bunch of small flower Fatheads would then complete the look:

The problem is you’d need a door that has a central location, and is not near a corner wall, allowing for both flanking Fatheads. But the beauty of this design is that you could place the Fatheads on either side of the door.