My Greatest Idea?

Kraft Dinner Cheese Mix

I tend to loot the cheese packets from my Kraft Dinners to add to other pastas or soup, and every time I steal the packet for unintended uses, I lament “Why doesn’t Kraft sell their cheese mix separately?”

Yes it would cannibalize the sale of Kraft Dinners, but I can’t be faithful to just macaroni. I need variety! So please Kraft, sell a bulk container of that cheese mix.

Bonus food tip: add frozen veggies (like broccoli and cauliflower) to your Kraft Dinner pasta while it’s cooking. You’ll need to add a bit more margarine and milk, but the veggies taste so good in cheese mix.

Unrelated food tip: add a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream to your coffee. You have a sweetener and creamer in one, and it cools your coffee too!