Kool-Aid Sports Bottle

Kool-Aid Man Sports Bottle

Here’s a fun design that adds the Kool-Aid Man to your typical sports bottle. He would be perched at the top part of the bottle, and would be translucent so you can see your beverage.

I don’t know if people would use it for actual Kool-Aid, but I think it would appeal to nostalgia buffs on the go.


Outdoor Street Hockey Courts

Outdoor Street hockey courts by Dave Delisle

An outdoor street hockey court would be comprised of a pavement surface featuring painted lines (like a basketball court), and would have permanent goal fixtures (like a soccer field) and a chain-link fence to encircle the court (like a tennis court). People can play street hockey or roller hockey here.

Alarm Clock You Can Throw Many Times


Throwing Alarm Clock

There are currently alarm clocks you can throw, many shaped like a novelty sports ball (basketball). Unfortunately all of the electronics are built-in, so you might break it. The real drawback is you can only throw it the one time – normal people need multiple snoozes!

With this design you’ll have multiple objects to throw to satisfy your morning grouchiness, and at no risk to the electronic guts. When the alarm goes off, a ball is released and rolls down to the platform, activating the noise/light to wake the User. Removing the ball from the platform will trigger the snooze function (there is an off button too). You have the option to throw the ball, or place it back in the queue. If you’re like me you’ll awkwardly and eventually push the ball off the platform.

You get to exercise your throwing arm and vent some aggression in the morning. Also you’ll have some handy ammunition at your bedside, should you need to pummel a morning person, or to shut-off incriminating devices – just like Ferris Bueller.

Second version: This would have a single ball to throw, but tethered to the clock. Once you throw, the clock would begin to slowly reel the ball back. So snooze times could be extended if you throw the ball further! However the clock would need a motor, and could be noisy during the reeling process.

I have many other alarm clock designs if you are interested. Check them out here.

Karate Kid Tournament Poster

Karate Kid Poster

UPDATE: You can purchase a more screen-accurate version here.

A replica of the poster seen in the Karate Kid, hanging in the Kobra Kai dojo. It’s a good thing it was on the wall, otherwise the plot would have been completely different.

Game Of Thrones Hockey Jersey: The Starks


Game Of Thrones DIrewolves Starks Hockey Jersey

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Lately I’ve been held hostage by all things Game of Thrones. I took a moment to step back and realize all these different Kingdoms could be represented by sports teams. They each fly a banner bearing a sigil, usually depicting a fierce animal – much like a typical sports franchise would.

The above example shown is the Direwolf, which is emblematic of the House Stark. The Starks reign in the north, and their (foreboding) motto is “Winter is Coming”. To me it all screams hockey.

You could probably design several hockey leagues based on the huge number of banners in the Game of Thrones books, though only a few are prominent. The aforementioned Starks are the main protagonists. The evil Lannisters (I may be editorializing a bit) have the sigil of the Lion. The Targareyans fly the banner of the Dragon. Like Milwaukee, the Baratheons are represented by the Buck.

Game Of Thrones DIrewolves Starks Hockey Jersey

Sale mockup.

I know I frequently design hockey jerseys here, and you might think it’s because I’m Canadian and thus have a one-track mind. The real truth is hockey jerseys are a brilliant canvas on which to showcase a team’s identity. That logo on the chest is like a Superhero insignia. No other sport has a jersey or uniform where the team logo can be so prominent. EDIT: A friend tells me these would look better on a “football kit”. Well I say good day to you sir. GOOD DAY.

EDIT:¬† Got an email from Mark, who says the Stark sigil is a full-bodied silver Direwolf on a white background (white = ice/snow), and that the Baratheon sigil is the Stag, not a Buck. My bad. I won’t make a full-bodied Direwolf, but I’ll fix up the logo a bit:

Game Of Thrones DIrewolves Starks Hockey Jersey


Bonus art! Using the Tampa Bay Lightning royal blue alternate jersey:

Game Of Thrones DIrewolves Starks Hockey Jersey


I will design jerseys for the other Game of Thrones Houses eventually, stay tuned!

Tron Hockey Puck

TRON hockey puck design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

I used to make fun of the absurd Fox Puck, but a part of me thinks it would look cool if the hockey puck had LED lights embedded within. It would look remarkably different for starters, the Fox Puck relied on graphics applied in the TV broadcast (much like the line of scrimmage in football); whereas the lights would emit from the actual puck and be cast onto the nearby ice surface, boards, skates, hockey sticks, etc.

The puck would be more apparent in scrums in the corner and in the crease. I don’t know if it would look like a blur of light from a slap-shot, but I’d like to think there would be some tracer effect.