Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray Case

Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler box set design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Here is blu-ray case design for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Three CD-sized jewel cases are enclosed inside the Tumbler, which opens in similar fashion to the real-life Batmobile. This case would be on the larger side, about 12 inches long and 5 inches tall.

Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft: Transmogrifier Diorama

Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft

I’m trying to better my papercraft skills, so I thought I’d start simple by building the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal. Even that was too difficult! Why not something as simple as a cardboard box?      *light-bulb goes off* Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft

That is just the base Companion Cube for comparison. You should see how many pieces are required for the full thing!

I then created this Calvin and Hobbes Transmogrifier diorama. The box is fully Papercraft, the characters are stand-up cut-outs. Right now it’s in black and white (just like the original cartoon), but I may put up a color version later this week if there are requests for it. I thought this would be a very simple Papercraft project for first-timers. Plus it looks great anywhere (even just the box alone). Probably as close as we’ll ever get to Calvin and Hobbes action figures – though I always thought that was an impossibility to begin with, as Calvin’s hairline is just impossible to reproduce in 3D or sculpted form. Here it is (black and white), click to enlarge and then right-click to save: Bill Watterson really made small flaps for this box I noticed. How did it ever keep anything in there? Ah well.

Star Trek Enterprise Blu-Ray Case

Star Trek blu-ray case by Dave Delisle

Here I was thinking I was so clever about this Star Trek blu-ray case design, but then it turned out it was already made as an actual product (see below). Not sure how I arrived at something so similar. Usually I do some checking to see if it exists or not, and the official product didn’t show up on my radar.

BTTF Alarm Clock

Time Coordinates Alarm Clock

This one is pretty self-explanatory: an alarm clock based on the ‘Time Coordinates’ input device from Back to the Future. This would include a dimmer for those irritated by light while trying to sleep (I can relate). It would be smart enough to display the next day for the alarm, but if you need it to skip a few days forward (like when you don’t want to wake up on the weekend) that should be easy to do.

(UPDATE Dec 6/2013: the above is an updated render. Originally this featured a cord that tethered into an iOS device but I got rid of it!).

R2-D2 Assistant

R2D2 USB Desk Toy

This is an open-ended idea, so bear with me. Basically it’s an R2-D2 figure on a platform interacting with one of those revolving gears (as he often does). There would be 2 motors, one to revolve R2’s head and one to revolve the gear. This toy would feature lights and sounds.

As for its function this gadget could be: a bookend, a USB hub, a recharging dock for your phone, a wireless speaker, a desk lamp, and so on. The gist of the idea is that R2 appears to be “assisting” you by turning that gear.

Personally I’d love to have him placed against the wall on my desk (like the picture above), connected to my computer via USB. He’d then react to me opening programs or writing files, stuff like that.

There are many possibilities for this gadget! I have a feeling that we’ll see something like this one day, as there seems to be a new electronic R2-D2 toy coming out every week.