Geeky Gadget Wish List #13: GTA GPS Device

GTA GPS Device

Again this is one of those ‘no-brainer’ gadgets, so why doesn’t this exist? Is it the stigma of the Grand Theft Auto franchise? Or does Rockstar refuse to merchandise the brand? Either way, I think this is one of those ‘Art-imitates-life’ devices utilized for the sake of a video game, so why not revert GTA’s take on an everyday device back to the consumer?

Some must-haves: It has to give the User the ability to input the make and model of their vehicle, so every time you start the vehicle, you’d have that GTA moment. Sure it’s redundant, and may not be a helpful reminder that you’re kickin’ it with an 89′ Ford Festiva, but it’s one of those ‘authentic’ GTA touches.

Also, you should be able to input your friend’s initials and other landmarks onto the map, as though they were mission contacts. Lastly, it needs to display the radio station you listen to, and announce every neighborhood you are cruising through.

If you need to go the extra mile and incorporate a laser/radar detector (do people still use those?), that could alert the driver using GTA’s infamous ‘police star’ meter. 5 stars if you are really in trouble.

Geeky Gadget Wish List #12: Super Mario Bros. Alarm Clock

Super Mario Alarm Clock

Wouldn’t you like to flatten a Goomba when you need to hit snooze? Of course you would. And this alarm clock design would give you just that opportunity.

Granted the Goomba feature would need to be durable to handle many snooze presses, so it might not be feasible. That said I feel the score UI from the bottom of Super Mario 3 would make for a neat alarm clock, so at the very minimum something that looks like a diorama with lights and sounds like above would do the trick.

Folding Bathroom Scale

Folding Scale

Not all my ideas are epic or cool. This one is born of spite! I am #$%@ tired of stubbing my foot on this scale that is taking up valuable floor space in our small bathroom! Argh! >:[

I honestly thought this one existed already, apparently not. I think you could open and close this with your foot. If I did a quick re-design, I’d have the scale fold into the stand. The stand would be weighed down to keep it in place. Perhaps not infomercial worthy, but this should get made.

Geeky Gadget Wish List #11: Portable Energon Charger


Energon Cube Portable Charger

This design is a charger for your portable devices for when you’re low on juice. And an Energon Cube would look great as such a device. If I recall correctly, in the original cartoon these cubes were filled with a hose attached to the side, so a cord or two plugged into this charger would have that same appearance.

The cube would also have a few LED lights embedded, so it could function as a portable light too. Taking it a step further, the brightness of the cube could indicate how much power it is packing. Not shown: a plug that folds out from the bottom so you can charge it in an outlet.

Update: You could apply the same idea for the Tasseract Cube seen in The Avengers.

Geeky Gadget Wish List #10: Arcade Cabinet iPhone Cradles

iPhone Arcade Cabinet

Update: I originally posted this a month after an April’s Fool prank (which I was not aware of) for a device called the iCade, which was an arcade cabinet for the iPad. That prank became an actual product a few months later. And then a year or two after that a version for the iPhone was released. Great minds think alike!

Geeky Gadget Wish List #9: Video Game Door Locks

Video Game Door Zelda Key

Wouldn’t it be neat to hear a familiar video game chime when you unlock your front door? Like the sound when opening a dungeon or treasure chest in a Zelda game. Suddenly the mundane task of entering or exiting your home would sound like an adventure.

I feel that creating a deadbolt with a speaker would be the best way to accomplish this. Another way is to incorporate a sound chip into the key itself, but that would be difficult to create an electronic key fob that will fit onto any key.

Special thanks to my friend Matt Rose for suggesting the latter idea (the chime built into the key).

UPDATE: You might have noticed that Zelda chime when the door rang at the beginning of the Scott Pilgrim movie! I think an accompanying door bell would be great too.

Geeky Gadget Wish List #8: Video Game Medkits

Video Game Medkits

So not a gadget exactly. I am trying not to replicate the type of gadget right now, opting to showcase a variety of products. In the future, I will be showing ‘duplicates’ of ideas posted, meaning more alarm clocks, usb gadgets, and so forth.

Today’s item is a First-Aid kit in the guise of a video game ‘medkit’. This could either be hung on the wall in the bathroom or kitchen, serving as an emergency kit. Or it can simply be a small medicine cabinet to store all your hygiene wares by the bathroom sink. A small, compact version could be issued for use as a travel kit. Either way, you can treat yourself like you’ve been through war.

The example illustrated above is from Half Life 2. Many other games have their own unique health kits;  such as Halo, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, etc.

There might be some legal hurdles with this one…litigious people might see this as a toy inviting to toddlers, or completely overlooked in an emergency. That’s what disclaimers are for! Of all the ideas I have presented, this could very well be the cheapest – the equivalent of mass-producing lunch boxes or DVD tin cases. It’s just a fancy First-Aid box, after all.