Clone Console PC Drives

Clone Console PC Drive design by Dave Delisle

I know emulation makes this device unnecessary, but sometimes you want to play with genuine controllers and a real cartridge. I feel clone consoles that slot into a desktop PC like an optical DVD-R drive would be coveted by a few gamers out there.

Most PC towers have several drive slots in the front, may as well populate them with clone consoles! Cartridge-based clone consoles would look similar to the above example. Disc-based systems would have a DVD tray and compatible control ports. I don’t think memory card slots (GameCube, PS2) are needed.

There is the Retrode device, which has cartridge slots for the SNES and Genesis, and plugs into the PC via USB. It’s a great device and is portable, but I would prefer something that is integrated, given the choice.

Dexter Blu-Ray Case

Dexter Blu-Ray Case design by Dave Delisle

Really straightforward design: a blu-ray case based on Dexter’s blood slides box, where the discs are the drops of blood and the clear jewel cases are the slides. This would be about the size of a shoebox.

UPDATES: I originally posted this with several images, but I opted to redo this post (April 12/2014) with a brand-new solitary image and a much shorter write-up. At the time I originally posted this (exactly 3 years ago!) the show was only 5 years old, which is why I left so much space in the box.

Also in the fall of 2013 Showcase released their own box set that had a similar approach:

Dexter Blu-Ray Case

I think it looks really good, despite the smaller cases. Might look even better without the red liners in each case. Had my enthusiasm for the show not plummeted in the later seasons I would’ve bought this for sure.

Borg Wireless Charging Pad

Star Trek Borg wireless charging pad 2011 Dave Delisle

Wireless charging pads emerged onto the scene a few years ago, and they are a brilliant innovation. Merely place your compatible gadget on top the pad/mat, and it will recharge through osmosis. Actually with electro-magnetic induction to be precise. No wires needed, except for the one used to plug the mat in of course.

The simple interface of these recharging mats reminded me of the famous Star Trek villains the Borg and their ‘recharging stations’. So making a borg-themed charger for your portable device seems like a sensible idea if you really think about it.

Lord of the Rings Floor Lamp

Gandalf LOTR tall lamp design by Dave Delisle

Here is a floor lamp design based on the staff used by Gandalf. He often used it to emit light, so it felt appropriate for a lamp.

The staff was wielded by Gandalf the White. The one used by Gandalf the Grey looked a bit rough, more like a twig. The above design has a nice ivory look.

Now On The Twitter

As you can see above my waving Lego mascot, I’ve joined Twitter. Took me awhile, but it took me a lot longer to get around to this blogging thing.

You can follow me @davesgeekyideas

I will be tweeting notable posts, asking profound questions, and posting links to cool stuff on the interweb. See you there!

Ghostbusters PKE Meter Wireless Router

Ghostbusters WiFi Router Design by Dave Delisle

The Ghostbusters’ PKE Meter would make for a very cool wireless router. The two “ears” would double as antennae, and the array of LED lights would display the current signal strength. Plus the screen would display helpful network information. The handle would need to be weighted down to ensure this stays upright.

If I Designed Blu-Ray/DVD/Video Game Cases

Cool Blu-Ray Case Design

I’ve always ALWAYS wanted a case that would open at the spine. This way I can grab the movie or video game disc, and just leave the case parked on the shelf with the rest of my library.

I think a static design would work, wherein the disc holder is just attached to the spine. However I went the extra distance and created a ramp and slider system, so the disc could roll towards you. It’s a bit more clearance from the case, and having this extension mechanic just exclaims “Here is your movie/video game, enjoy!”

This can co-exist with the existing jewel case system that opens like a book, should you need to get at the booklet, or prefer to get at the disc old-school style.

Not only is this handy for those who own many films/video games, but it really keeps things neat and organized.

I think this could be a system people would upgrade all their cases to in a wholesale fashion. As long as they recycle their old cases!