Transformers: The Move Blu-Ray Case

Transformers Blu-Ray Case DVD

(Note: this was updated April 12, 2014). This was my first-ever Blu-Ray case design, and the idea was to incorporate a Soundwave cassette tray and cassette toy into the front of a standard jewel case. I thought it would be fun to combine a toy and a movie, something that I’m starting to see more of nowadays (like Lego and DVD combos).

When I originally posted this in 2010, I was hoping to see something cool for the film’s 25th anniversary in 2011, and that didn’t happen! Maybe in 2016? I asked Shout Factory why they didn’t do a cool reissue of the film, and apparently that’s because Paramount owns the rights to all the Transformers films, and that includes the 1986 classic.

Transformers Blu-Ray Case DVD

I’m very happy to revisit this post, and to also condense what was previously a few dozen images spread over several posts! I had no sense of brevity four years ago.

Fireworks For All

I live in Vancouver, and we are currently enjoying our annual ‘Festival of Light’, 4 nights of fireworks every July. These fireworks take place in English Bay, which is a picturesque location. However it is somewhat secluded in my opinion, and the festival could be better enjoyed by many more people.

I’ve often asked this growing up: why don’t they just set the fireworks off the tallest building or landmark in the city? That way, the entire surrounding city could enjoy it, instead of being crammed into one area.

In Vancouver, that would mean setting the fireworks off at the Shang-Ri-La Hotel downtown. In the GVRD, perhaps one of the buildings near Metrotown. Maybe Grousse Mountain on the north shore would benefit everyone?

I believe Paris does this appropriately – igniting fireworks off of the Eiffel Tower so all of Paris can enjoy the show.

Tron Hockey Puck

Tron hockey puck by davesgeekyideas

I used to make fun of the absurd Fox Puck, but a part of me thinks it would look cool if the hockey puck had LED lights embedded within. It would look remarkably different for starters, the Fox Puck relied on graphics applied in the TV broadcast (much like the line of scrimmage in football); whereas the lights would emit from the actual puck and be cast onto the nearby ice surface, boards, skates, hockey sticks, etc.

The puck would be more apparent in scrums in the corner and in the crease. I don’t know if it would look like a blur of light from a slap-shot, but I’d like to think there would be some tracer effect.

UPDATE: since I posted this 4 years ago I’ve received many inquiries for such a puck. A few products have come and gone, and there might even be a new one now, but there’s nothing I can personally recommend.

Grand Theft Auto GPS Device

GTA GPS Device

Again this is one of those ‘no-brainer’ gadgets, so why doesn’t this exist? Is it the stigma of the Grand Theft Auto franchise? Or does Rockstar refuse to merchandise the brand? Either way, I think this is one of those Art-imitates-life devices that gamers would enjoy.

Folding Bathroom Scale

Folding Scale

Not all my ideas are epic or cool. This one is born of spite! I am #$%@ tired of stubbing my foot on this scale that is taking up valuable floor space in our small bathroom! Argh! >:[

I honestly thought this one existed already, apparently not. I think you could open and close this with your foot. If I did a quick re-design, I’d have the scale fold into the stand. The stand would be weighed down to keep it in place. Perhaps not infomercial worthy, but this should get made.

Portable Energon Charger


Energon Cube Portable Charger

This design is a charger for your portable devices for when you’re low on juice. And an Energon Cube would look great as such a device. If I recall correctly, in the original cartoon these cubes were filled with a hose attached to the side, so a cord or two plugged into this charger would have that same appearance.

The cube would also have a few LED lights embedded, so it could function as a portable light too. Taking it a step further, the brightness of the cube could indicate how much power it is packing. Not shown: a plug that folds out from the bottom so you can charge it in an outlet.

Update: You could apply the same idea for the Tasseract Cube seen in The Avengers.