Battlestar Galactica Wardrobe

BSG Battlestar Galactica Locker Wardbrobe by Dave Delisle

I believe there is a huge market for selling pro sports-style lockers for home use, either for jocks or the armchair quarterbacks. These would be wardrobes that look just like the locker stalls you’d find in the NHL, NBA, NFL, etc. The wardrobe would be painted in team colors and feature name plaques with logos. This could be placed in the bathroom, TV den, by the front door, etc. Wherever you get ready for the day. Or wherever you want to display your favorite team gear.

And this goes beyond team sports. You could make these in the style of Battlestar Galactica, Mass Effect, or Starship Troopers as they carry a military aesthetic. Men in Black is another fun approach. Maybe the employee lockers for the Krusty Krab or Ghostbusters.

The point being that you could have a fun wardrobe that exhibits your favorite team, TV show, film, or video game. This themed wardrobe would enable you to feel like a badass when you’re accessing it.

One major change is I don’t foresee these being made of heavy materials (such as steel) like the actual locker stalls. Probably wood construction complimented by plastic or rubber fixtures (for the grates).

Other possible accessories: A bench or a rug with the team logo.

Heavy Duty Office Chair


I loathe office chairs because despite their initial good looks and comfort, they are not durable. How companies not factor in this wear-and-tear into their chair designs is beyond me.

That said, I have designed what I feel is the one chair to rule them all. This heavy duty chair is a monster: steel frame, redundant wheels, shock absorbers, and tension springs. It is painted yellow to alert your co-workers of its presence; a trait symbolic of its construction equipment pedigree. Essentially a Tonka chair

Geeky Beds Part 3: The Shoebox

Nike shoebox bed shoe furniture 2011 Dave Delisle

I love shoes as much as the next person, but not enough to collect them or anything like that. I am very much aware of the die-hard shoe enthusiasts, of which documentaries and songs have been made. And for those who love shoes, I offer this shoebox-themed bed.

It’s pretty simple: the bed frame is a giant replica of a shoebox, with the box lid placed underneath. The duvet cover would feature a print of some shoes, laid out as though they were in said box.

Given the big boxy look, I would probably have some shelves built-in at the base to store – what else – shoes. Scratch that – probably clothes and junk. You don’t want smelly shoes under your bed, unless you are one of those enthusiasts, who have a large rotation of shoes and deodorize all of them diligently.

Geeky Beds Part 2: Wrestling Ring

WWF wrestling bed 2012 Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Please note: this is just a design, I do not make or sell beds. Please go here for more information. Original post as follows:

Here is one I’m a little surprised no one has done yet, even as a home-brew project: a bed based on a WWF/WWE wrestling (or boxing) ring.  It would feature the ropes and turnbuckles of a ring, and the wrestling mat graphics would be printed on the duvet and/or sheets.

If this was made, the temptation to recreate wrestling acrobatics would be huge. I would make the corner poles telescoping (would descend when there is weight on them). The bed would need to be sturdy in case the kids like to jump around. As a safety precaution the ropes could have a break-away feature (like your Xbox 360 wired controller).

This design is more for kids, but if adult wrestling fans want one, be prepared for non-stop ribbing.

BONUS IDEA: A baby crib shaped like an MMA Octagon. That would be hilarious, seeing a toddler crawling around a blood-stained UFC ring.

Daily Planet Comic Book Display Case

Daily Planet comic book display case design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

This is similar to IKEA’s Kallax bookshelf system, but this design has glass doors with a ‘window’ pattern (using frosted glass or sandblasted glass) to make it look like a building. The hard part is replicating the Daily Planet spinner on top.

With interior lights this would make for a neat display for your comics! Figures could also adorn the rooftop, as if they were patrolling the city.

Sandbox Desk

Sandbox Desk design by Dave Delisle 2011 dave's geeky ideas

A sandbox desk is the combination of an ultra-wide top drawer with a glass top, which creates a unique display space. For the above example I went with a train set, but you can throw anything in there you can imagine. Or just be boring and store office stationary.

Personally I would house a table hockey set. I could see others displaying their Warhammer 40K collection, or a RISK board game. What would you place inside?

Comic Book Rack Blu-Ray Display

comic book rack blu-ray display design by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Now that superhero movies are becoming a regular fixture, I thought it would be fun to create a DVD rack that looked like a comic book display. I recall seeing racks like this in grocery stores and pharmacies, usually covered in Archie and Richie Rich titles.

The top of the rack would feature a backlit sign, which could double as a lamp in your living space.