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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s this blog all about?

I post all kinds of ideas, usually of the geeky variety. Products, environmental solutions, story ideas, etc. I strive to create content that does not exist anywhere else. A lot of this is ‘dreaming out-loud’ or ‘food-for-thought’ or ‘wishful thinking’, but hopefully presented in an entertaining way.

2. I want one of your cool hockey jerseys. Where can I find them?

Those got moved to my other site, www.davesgeekyhockey.com. Check it out!

3. I really want to buy that. How can I get it?! How much do you want for it??

These ideas – many of which are products in nature – are all just concepts. They don’t exist (yet), and are not for sale.

4. Why are you giving these ideas away for free? Are you crazy?!

My therapist assures me I am not crazy. Also, a lot of these ideas I cannot make money from. Or they revolve around the intellectual properties of others. If any of my ideas came to fruition, they would benefit many/all people, so not bad at all for sharing an idea.

I do however keep a bunch of ideas to myself. You never know.

5. What do you use for your art?

Inkscape, Gimp, and Maya Learning Edition. They are all free, I suggest you seek them out.

6. The art could be better.

Hey! That’s not a question! Very true though. I just do enough art to get the idea across – otherwise I would be spending days working on each post. Look at the idea, not the scribbled stick man.

7. Could I use your art/post/idea?

If you are posting elsewhere on the internet, feel free to use my work, as long as you are linking back to me. My work is fit to print, as long as you credit me and list my blog as your source.

I am sharing these ideas online for entertainment. If your company would like to use an idea, please email me.

I use a non-commercial sharing-oriented Creative Commons License. For more details, click here.

8. Let’s go into business together.

I don’t have time, nor the means to operate a start-up venture of any kind. If you like an idea here, feel free to run with it. It would be a feather in my cap if an idea of mine became a reality.

9. I have an idea. Will you post it?

If it’s cool and within the scope of this blog, sure. I might even help you out with some art.

10. Why don’t you take your ideas to the property holders/companies?

Companies do not solicit ideas. This is to protect them from lawsuits and accusations of theft. There are a few places like Thinkgeek that accept submissions for products, but they are the exception to the rule. It would be nice to email IKEA or Steven Spielberg or Nintendo and say hey I have this great idea, but they put up a big wall. This type of policy is common with video game publishers, book publishers, TV and film studios, etc. Basically, all major content creators do not solicit ideas. They have an internal network of people to draw from.

It really helps to be on the inside. When I work at video game studios, my employers are receptive to my ideas. My frequent insubordination not so much.

11. Where do you get you ideas?

I’d say a lot of the blame has to lie with extreme exposure to Gary Larson’s The Far Side cartoon growing up.

I honestly don’t know. I am attentive and creative, a combination which can bear much fruit.

12. Wanna trade links?

Go away.

13. No love for Harry Potter/Battlestar Galactica/Firefly etc.? Dude.

I like a lot of geeky properties, many of which I have yet to touch on. Apologies if some brands such as Ghostbusters get too much attention.

I’m also a huge Spongebob Squarepants fan, but I have to maintain my manly image.

14. Can you do this design for me?

I do some freelance work on the side. E-mail me if you need further information.

15. Can you offer some feedback on my idea?

Yes I can. I have analyzed products, scripts, designs, art, and video games among other things. I can’t say for what exactly (NDA’s). If you’re looking for my invaluable two cents, I may be able to help you out. E-mail me to get started. I have a reputation for being brutally honest – if your idea sucks, I’ll say so. But I can happily divulge ideas and highlight where you can improve.

16. “originaldave77″ – you must think you are so original. You got a lot of nerve pal!

That’s just my response to having a generic name. Everywhere I go, the landscape is littered with Daves. This isn’t a boast. I rarely ever boast – that is how amazingly awesome I am. Edit: this refers to when my blog was known as originaldave77.wordpress.com, prior to the davesgeekyideas.com URL we all know and love today. Also that accusation comes from many of my ‘so-called’ friends! :p

17. How do you pronounce your last name?

Del – isle. Del as in Del Monte Bananas, isle as in Gilligan’s Isle. It is actually a French-Canadian name, and is correctly pronounced Del – ill (as in Beastie Boys‘ ill communication) in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. We just bastardized the name out west. Many people have butchered it: Diesel, Delissaley, Delissule, Delilah. I need to call my therapist.

  1. Kool site!
    They butchered our name.

  2. Props! Your ideas are endlessly amusing to peruse and really clever!

  3. Have you created the LED Hockey puck? Our know anyone who ran with your idea?

    • I have not made a working prototype of the LED puck, and to the best of my knowledge no one else has either. Would be so cool though.

      • Hey I found them,
        http://www.thefriendlyfirestore.com now carries LED Ice Hockey Pucks.
        Not the same as your design. But still very simple and clean.
        Come check them out.


      • That is very cool (quite literally!) — Thanks for finding this! But wait – your email and url is from the store itself! You make this?

        I’m guessing this pre-dates my design/idea, judging by the look of the site. And I thought I was so clever.

        It’s interesting to see that the cold does impact the operation – the lights dims from exposure to the cold. But after how long?

        I still think it would great in the NHL. Helps to see the puck better in the corners underneath the scrum, or under a pile of bodies in the crease.

        You could probably embed an RFID system so it would change colors when it crossed lines (goal line, blue line, etc).

  4. Donc tu viens de où ? Du Québec ? Est-ce que tu vie au Québec ? À Calgary, T’es où mec, tu fais quoi dans la vie ?

    C’est super ta façon de voir les choses. Pas mal 21e siècle, j’aime ça.

    – DBX -

    • C’est mon fils qui vit a Vancouver, moi je suis a Calgary depuis 35 ans, mais originaire de Grand-Mère et élevé a Québec, Neufchâtel.
      Ils est programmeur de jeux vidéo.
      Je lui traduit tes commentaires.

      • Cool, je suis en train de découvrir et j’aime solide. Plusieurs musicien et artistes ici me démontrent depuis les dernières années cette façon de vouloir “partager – juste partager” les idées, infos, créations…
        Je vous inscris, toi et ton fils, sur la jolie liste qui s’allonge… pour le bien de tous.
        – DBX –

        Cool, i am discovering the site and love it more and more. Many musicians and artists here in Québec have been showing in the last years this mean to want to “share – just simply share” ideas, infos, creations…
        I’m placing, you and your son, on this beautiful list that keeps getting longer… for the greater good of all.
        – DBX -

  5. It’s my son alone that get all the credits.
    I only did a bit of translation on his blog.
    Every idea on the site is totally his.
    Pass on the site all over the world.

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