Geeky Flash Drives Part 4: TRON Data Disc

Tron Data Disc

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So here are two designs for USB Flash drives based on the TRON Data Disc (TRON Legacy version): the one on the left is a small replica of the disc, with a USB connector that slides out; the one on the right is a more typical USB stick design.

The disc-shaped one is a fun design, but would be more problematic to engineer as an actual product, not to mention a bit cumbersome to use. However I believe it would look cool when plugged into your laptop or computer.

The basic USB stick version is an achievable design both in form and function. The casing is clear plastic, so it would look like the embedded data disc is floating in air.

Tron Data Disc

Both designs feature LED lights which would illuminate when the flash drive is plugged-in. I suppose you could include an on-board battery to make either of these light up on command.

It makes too much sense for a TRON data disc to be used to transfer data! Hopefully something like this becomes a reality one day.

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  1. I really want the disc one. I’m the biggest fan of tron and I think it looks so cool. Please make it

  2. Major fan of the movie TRON, please put your brain together and make one.

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