Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Super Mario Bathroom Sink Fixtures

When it comes to indoor plumbing why not have a Super Mario-themed bathroom sink? You got your mushroom handles, a Warp Pipe faucet, and a Piranha Plant that acts as the lever for the drain plug thingy. You could also enlist a Chain Chomp to act as a drain stopper for an older sink.

Note: it’s not very apparent here, but on top of the mushrooms are round-shaped H and C letters to indicate hot and cold water.

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  1. PewPew1MoarTime

    I love this.

    Insta-buy if this was real!

  2. That is awesome! Someone should make this a reality.

  3. Of course, Mario would install it. He would always swing by my place to fix the leaky faucet too. After all, I helped him beat the bad guys and save the day countless times.

  4. My kids and I were just talking about how cool it would be to have a mario themed bathroom. If it were real, this would be absolutely perfect!

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