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IKEA RIBBA Papercraft Part 2: Super Mario Bros

IKEA Ribba Super Mario Bros Diorama Papercraft

IKEA Ribba Papercraft Part 1: Super Mario Bros 3.


This papercraft project was designed and made by Remko Voets, who was awesome enough to share this here with everyone. Thank you Remko!

A few years back I made Mario 3 diorama that was tailored to fit IKEA’s Ribba box frame. That was my last papercraft project. I intended to make more but I hate my printer (the feeling is mutual I think).

Fortunately Remko took the reigns and constructed this beauty. He made two flavors: a simple one with all the art on a single image (which is smart – I went back and did the same for my Mario 3 one), and one where you’d have to assemble everything. After the jump you can find everything you need to make your own.  Read the rest of this entry

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Ouija Board Coffee Table And Carpet

Ouija Board coffee table and carpet design

Happy Halloween! Today I bring you a not-so-spooky coffee table and carpet design based on the ol’ Ouija Board. These are for geeks who enjoy occult-themed fare like Supernatural and Buffy, and can also afford to shop at fancy furniture joints (none of that IKEA stuff).

The wooden coffee table features a glass fixture and wheels, of course. The carpet would ideally be as big as possible to help sell the illusion of an oversize game board. The one thing about the Ouija Board is that it’s a very nice design, and looks at home on the floor. You couldn’t say for that Monopoly or Sorry.

Jurassic Park Plant Pots

Jurassic Park Planting Pots Plants

I feel that you can turn something as mundane as a plant pot into a geeky diorama, such as the Jurassic Park design above. You could add plastic dinosaurs for a more lively scene.

Another Jurassic Park design I wanted to post: a planter based on the Raptor paddock. I would’ve thrown together a concept for you but time is scarce for me these days.

I believe there is potential for other films/shows to be enlisted in this fashion (like Predator or LOST for use with tropical plants), it’s just a matter of fabricating a bunch of miniature props! Easier said than done.

Back To The Future Clock

BTTF Wall Clock Desk Clock Back To The Future

The last BTTF clock design I posted has been the bane of a few DIYers and countless people who want one but are disappointed to learn it’s only a concept. In all likelihood it’s too complex a design to execute, with all the digital displays and built-in calendar to boot.

However the clock design above is much more simple concept. It would have an LED or two at the base of all the translucent hands (or something like this), causing them to illuminate. As long as the minute hand is also emitting light, this clock will echo the flux capacitor’s appearance.

This could be a wall clock but I would prefer a small desktop clock or something for the bookshelf.

EDIT: my bad, forgot to include something to represent numbers. I would probably have them embossed in the metal casing, similar to the Universal logo on this Blu-Ray case.

Geeky Beds Part 5: Adventure Time

Adventure Time Furniture Bed Table Jack The Dog

Seeing as Adventure Time’s Jake The Dog is a shapeshifter, I feel he would make an excellent bed frame. In actuality you could turn him into all kinds of furniture: a couch, dresser, dinner table, and so on. I could literally do a whole series of Jake The Dog furniture but I think you get the idea. (Edit: here he is in table form:)

Adventure Time Furniture Bed Table Jack The Dog

Some might get creeped-out by Jake’s stare. Maybe include swappable eyes a la Mr. Potato Head?

I think kids would dig this bed. Probably not as much as this bed, which I am emailed about almost daily.

If you like this please check out this Beemo Blu-Ray case I designed.

If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 21: Supply Crate Footlockers

Half Life 2 Storage Chest Trunk Footlocker

So there are many names for this container: military footlocker, chest, trunk, tool case, storage container, and on and on. They all serve the same purpose: storage! But for this post I’ll refer to this box as a footlocker, which is appropriate given its usage here.

This footlocker design is based on the ammo supply crates from Half Life 2. There are many other games that have similar supply/ammo crates like Red Faction and Borderlands, but Half Life 2 would be my personal choice for a footlocker.

In theory such a footlocker would be a life-size replica of its video game counterpart, give or take a few inches.

I actually spent a lot of time over the last few months attempting to make this very footlocker for myself. My hope was to find a similar-looking storage case and just paint it, but I had zero luck finding anything comparable.*

Half Life 2 Supply Crate Storage Trunk

What I would love about having such a footlocker is that it can be placed anywhere, just like in a video game. Regardless of the surrounding decor, this footlocker would seem purposeful and important in any location.

I just worry that gamer folks might instinctively approach the footlocker without thinking! I’m kidding, gamers aren’t that habitual. However this footlocker will call attention to itself, a trait that carries over from the game.

Alas there are no geeky storage containers like this in existence. I hope that can rectified in the near future.

*I even went to an Army Surplus store looking for a military footlocker but had no luck. There are lots of cool military cases available online (like this), but nothing I could affix all the labels and stripes to.  The closest I saw were antique army footlockers but those were in rough shape. In the end I opted to grab a few Rubbermaid containers for all my junk.

Bunch Of Small Ideas

I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I would like the past few months, as other projects have been consuming my time. So in no particular order:

Zelda Candle Holder 2013 Dave Delisle

1. Zelda Candle Holders. For the romantic geek! This would hold those little disc-shaped candles.

Sent From My iPhone Envelope

2. Gag envelopes that tell the recipient what kind of electronic device you have, because that is important. I tweeted about this a few weeks back, saying it would be a fun way to mess with the recipient. All you have to do is print the text “Sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/Android” onto some envelopes, a fun DIY project. Would be interesting if anyone asked what app was used to make the envelope.

Twitter Retweet Plus Edit

3. A way to retweet and tack on your own text in one step. I think it would be convenient to add your commentary to a retweet. Clicking this option would bring up a tweet dialogue box with the person’s tweet you’d like to retweet already pasted. You can then type in your reply or commentary and post it. If the person’s original tweet is left intact, a RT abbreviation (retweet) is present. If you edit or delete some of their tweet then it automatically changes to MT (modified tweet).

Twitter Can't Miss

4. Can’t-Miss counters for Twitter. Another idea for Twitter: little counters that indicate how many tweets you missed from people since you last logged-on. You click on the counter and all those missed tweets would be expanded below. For this feature it would be best to designate which people are “can’t miss”; you wouldn’t want a counter for everyone I imagine.

5. Milestone funding for Kickstarter/Indiegogo. This is something that happens in the video game industry, usually between a publisher and an external game studio: instead of the publisher paying 100% of the game budget right off the bat, they pay in installments and only when certain milestones in the game are achieved. Once you achieve your milestone, you get another percentage of the budget to keep production going.

Having already made pledges to a few lame-duck Kickstarters, I think the milestone approach would be ideal. The person who landed funding on Kickstarter would have demonstrate progress to unlock further funding. For instance: your Kickstarter is successful for $100,000. You get 20% of the total to get started. Once you demonstrate progress your funders can green-light the next 20% of the funding, and so on. BUT if you are a lame-duck project then the rest of your funding could be pulled, so backers can withdraw support and get back the remaining percentage of their contribution. Backers would vote on green-lighting additional funds or killing support.

This keeps project organizers honest and eliminates some of the risk for backers. This also adds more incentive for project organizers to maintain communication (many go radio silent as things go sour), and above all ensures they carry the project to completion.

The project organizer would have to spell out milestone goals in their pitch (most do anyway), and during key updates would ask their backers to vote on green-lighting more funds.  The milestone percentages could be set by the organizer, so if their Kickstarter needs 100% of funding right away they have to ask for it and say why.

6. Cumulative YouTube ads: I will watch a bunch of ads in a row on YouTube if it will buy me a reprieve for a few months. Stop the madness.

7. FREE Ad-sponsored YouTube movies. If YouTube ran FREE full-length movies with the cost of admission being a bunch of ads, I would be there. We already watch 20+ minutes of ads in movie theaters prior to films starting! I could endure several ads to see The Last Starfighter on YouTube, how about you? UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, there is a section in YouTube that provides this very service called Crackle. The main website for Crackle is here. Thanks to Niraj!

Bonus Idea: The “Barrel-Roller”, a vehicle I’d like to see in Mario Kart 8.

Donkey Kong Mario Kart 2013


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