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Idea For The Astrodome: Convert It Into Deep Space Nine

Houston Astrodome Deep Space Nine


Right now the folks in Houston are trying to figure out what to do with the Astrodome, which has been sitting vacant for several years. Many plans for the dome have fallen by the wayside, including this multi-use approach which I really like. I’m going to throw my esteemed hat into the ring and declare that the Astrodome be converted into Deep Space Nine. Read the rest of this entry

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Star Trek Tablet Easel

Star Trek iPad Easel Nexus

This is a geeky easel for parking your tablet on your desk. The design is based on Picard’s computer from his ready room in the TNG series. The tandem of the tablet and easel makes it appear like a functioning Star Trek computer (which was also touchscreen on the show). This prop would be a great addition for geeks who refer to their workspace as a “ready room”.

It features an adjustable backboard (to tilt your tablet) and a Lazy Susan to swivel it in place. You could go a step further and make it a charging dock as well. The front section could also provide some storage space (for office stationary). If you want to be really fancy a fake back-lit screen could be included in the easel for when there is no tablet in place.

If you like this please check out some other fun Star Trek designs.

Ideas To Help The Wii U

Wii U Low Sales

Last night Nintendo announced that sales for the Wii U are going to be well below expectations for fiscal year 2013, and despite the one year head-start it appears that it will fall behind newcomers PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2014 (in terms of units sold).

So why is the Wii U faltering? Is it the console’s price or lack of games?  Is there brand confusion with the previous Wii console? Are the Wii U’s specs not powerful enough for the long haul? Depending on who you ask it could be one thing or all of the above. Regardless, the Wii U is selling about as well as the doomed Sega Dreamcast, which doesn’t bode well for its future.

Here are some suggestions to help Nintendo’s flagship console: Read the rest of this entry

How The CFL Can Grow To 10 Teams

Direwolves Footbal Team CFL 2013

In 2014 the CFL returns to Ottawa, boosting the league total to 9 teams. Fans like to dream up expansion scenarios, with Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Victoria BC being the oft-mentioned candidates. Realistically speaking it seems that the nine current franchises are about all this country can muster, and it looks to be that way for the foreseeable future. Read the rest of this entry

Playstation 4 TV

PS4 LCD TV Sony 2013 Dave Delisle

I’ve already gone on record saying TV manufacturers should be more cavalier when it comes to the design of their TVs, and I’m sad to say not much has changed on that front! But what about plain-looking TVs that compliment other products?

And a PS4-themed TV would be a perfect example. This is just a TV with a couple of familiar PS4 design cues and a stand made with the console in mind. It would feature a couple of bells and whistles like additional front-facing USB ports and a perch on top for the PS4 camera.


The main screen echoes the touch screen on the Dualshock 4. The TV’s power indicator aligns with the one on the console. The stand is really basic in appearance, but I wanted to ensure the console can breathe okay.

Sony came close to this design on two occasions: they released a TV with a built-in PS2 console (in 2010 oddly enough); and a 3DTV for the PS3. Unfortunately both were on the small side (22 – 24″), and the PS3 one didn’t integrate its namesake console in any way.

What I am seeking is a large 40 – 50″ TV with a smart stand, a few extra USB ports, and a place  to clip the PS4 camera; which is pretty basic in my opinion. And with TVs becoming cheaper than ever, I hope Sony can release something along these lines.

Notes: I also made another version with flip-out controller chargers but thought better of using moving parts (and I don’t have a model of a PS4 controller handy!). Heck, Sony could just issue a standalone stand that could plug into some of their existing TVs (I imagine they use many different stand designs), which is another approach.

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil’s Gate

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate DVD

I just started watching Supernatural these past few months. Previously I didn’t give the show a chance because I thought it was just another Smallville (which I got tired of and quit after 3 or 4 seasons). I have to say Supernatural holds up to Buffy and Angel very well, and is pretty much a love letter to geeks in my opinion. I’m hooked!

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate DVD

For a blu-ray case design I thought I’d use the Devil’s Gate, a crypt seen at the end of Season 2. Unfortunately there are too many seasons of Supernatural (9 and counting) to make a replica crypt case; it would be the size of a bird feeder or a small doghouse. Instead I decided to make a simple box that can fit within your movie library, one that still has the unique doors and lock of the crypt.

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate

The case features a latch that can be turned with a small replica “Magic Colt”, a demon-killing gun that also doubled as a key to the Devil’s Gate in the show. Just to make the case user-friendly it can remain unlocked, with the doors held in place by magnets or tabs.

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate

Yes I am tempting fate that the show will have 10 seasons. I’m 99.99% sure a 10th season will happen. Here is why: 1.) Smallville did it 2.) They can have a bunch of crossovers with the new spin-off show, and 3.) it’s bragging rights for the CW and everyone involved with the show; if this was the final year, they’d be marketing it as such to drive up ratings.

Other things from the show like the car could make for a cool case, again it’s just that there are too many seasons (some 50 – 60 blu-ray discs in total), a tall order for any complete set.

Some notes: I made the interior orange to represent “Hell”. I was tempted to add some orange LED’s at the mouth of the case but opted to keep it simple. I also added some dividers to make it easier to grab a box set and remove it from the case; this was because I saw this Charmed box set, which looks really tough to grab a season case from. When Warner Brothers does release a complete collection, I hope they offer a case with just the final season, so fans can add the seasons they already bought (one with every season could be offered to latecomers like myself).

Also if you’re interested I posted a hockey jersey design on my other blog.

Breaking Bad Drinking Glasses

Breaking Bad glasses

Yesterday the special edition Blu-Ray case for Breaking Bad was announced, and I really dig the barrel design, almost as much as my design (which could also work as a slipcase, now that I think of it). That said I think the many barrels seen in the show would make for a cool set of drinking cups.

The larger barrels that would double as mugs and the smaller barrels would function as shot glasses. Completing the set are drinking coasters in the shape of wood pallets (the kind you’d find in a warehouse).

I coined the idea for the coasters on my own, but I’m happy to say many others have beaten me to it — you can buy them from several places right now. One difference is my coasters have no gaps on the top where the drink sits, to help prevent fluids from getting to the surface you’re trying to protect; the ones currently on the market don’t appear to be effective in that regard! Those other coasters don’t respect the wood, if you get my reference.


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