Punch-Out!! Postcard

Punch-Out!! Muhammad Ali Dave Delisle

This homage of a famous Muhammad Ali photo (done in the style of the NES Punch-Out!! game) was originally intended to be a poster project. However plans to make it available as a poster have been shelved out of fear of legal reprisal — famous photographs are notoriously litigated these days for copyright infringement.

I always thought it would be fun to make sports memorabilia with a video game twist. I intend to do something along those lines one day. I believe there are a lot of other geeks who enjoy sports, much like myself.

Instead of a poster, I’ll offer it as a freebie postcard or photo you can print. They’re available after the jump.

The postcards have a large white border:

Punch-Out!! Muhammad Ali Dave Delisle

And for those asking, my preference was to include Mike Tyson, but I thought I’d play it safe and include franchise stalwart Bald Bull. The inclusion of referee Mario and the coach at ringside was ruled-out, in order to make this as close to the Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston pic as possible.

Punch-Out!! Muhammad Ali Dave Delisle


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  1. That is awesome! Just wish my Ali-lovin’ friend had the gaming knowledge to get the one-two homage punch there!

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