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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s this blog all about?

I post all kinds of ideas, usually of the geeky variety. I strive to create content that does not exist anywhere else. A lot of this is ‘dreaming out-loud’ or ‘food-for-thought’ or ‘wishful thinking’, but hopefully presented in an entertaining way.

2. I want one of your cool hockey jerseys. Where can I find them?

Those got moved to my other site, www.davesgeekyhockey.com. Check it out!

3. I really want to buy that. How can I get it?! How much do you want for it??

These ideas – many of which are products in nature – are all just concepts. They don’t exist (yet), and are not for sale.

If you’re looking for geeky custom furniture I would contact Tom Spina Designs. If you need a custom geeky prop I would try AFX Props.

4. Why not just ‘Kickstarter’ one of your designs?

For a lot of these ideas, there’s a licensing aspect that would need to be addressed before hitting Kickstarter. Also prototyping a product and running a campaign is literally a full-time job that would take several months at least (and a lot of money).

Plus I’ve seen too many failed campaigns (they raised the $ but failed to deliver the product), and I don’t want to risk that happening either. I just enjoy creating stuff.

Maybe one day I’ll tackle a campaign when it’s feasible.

5. You should take your idea to _______ so they can make it.

All companies have a rule against unsolicited ideas. This is to protect them from lawsuits and accusations of theft. I wish companies came to me for my 2 cents, I tell you whut.

6. Would you like to do a Sponsored or Guest Post? Maybe hire us for SEO services?

No. Go away.

7. Can I share your post online?

Yes you can, please attribute to the source and link back here.

8. What do you use for your art?

Blender, Inkscape, and GIMP. All freeware.


If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below or email me; I’ll do my best to get back to you.

13 thoughts on “FAQ’s

      1. That is very cool (quite literally!) — Thanks for finding this! But wait – your email and url is from the store itself! You make this?

        I’m guessing this pre-dates my design/idea, judging by the look of the site. And I thought I was so clever.

        It’s interesting to see that the cold does impact the operation – the lights dims from exposure to the cold. But after how long?

        I still think it would great in the NHL. Helps to see the puck better in the corners underneath the scrum, or under a pile of bodies in the crease.

        You could probably embed an RFID system so it would change colors when it crossed lines (goal line, blue line, etc).

  1. Donc tu viens de où ? Du Québec ? Est-ce que tu vie au Québec ? À Calgary, T’es où mec, tu fais quoi dans la vie ?

    C’est super ta façon de voir les choses. Pas mal 21e siècle, j’aime ça.

    – DBX –

    1. C’est mon fils qui vit a Vancouver, moi je suis a Calgary depuis 35 ans, mais originaire de Grand-Mère et élevé a Québec, Neufchâtel.
      Ils est programmeur de jeux vidéo.
      Je lui traduit tes commentaires.

      1. Cool, je suis en train de découvrir et j’aime solide. Plusieurs musicien et artistes ici me démontrent depuis les dernières années cette façon de vouloir “partager – juste partager” les idées, infos, créations…
        Je vous inscris, toi et ton fils, sur la jolie liste qui s’allonge… pour le bien de tous.
        – DBX –

        Cool, i am discovering the site and love it more and more. Many musicians and artists here in Québec have been showing in the last years this mean to want to “share – just simply share” ideas, infos, creations…
        I’m placing, you and your son, on this beautiful list that keeps getting longer… for the greater good of all.
        – DBX –

  2. It’s my son alone that get all the credits.
    I only did a bit of translation on his blog.
    Every idea on the site is totally his.
    Pass on the site all over the world.

  3. What software do you use to create your designs and render your 3D models? (Blender, [Google] Sketch, Photoshop, etc.)

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