Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

Tardis Blu-Ray Case by davesgeekyideas

This is is an update to one of my popular ideas from a few years ago, the Tardis Blu-Ray Case. This time I did my best to make the Tardis look more like its TV show counterpart. The old design started to bother me a bit, now that I have taken up the show since (which I love).

Still the same basic idea, a Tardis case that would contain a bunch of CD-shaped Blu-Ray cases. It would feature LED lights for the top light and signs. All of the spines of the cases would feature an image of the Tardis interior.



12 thoughts on “Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

  1. I love this so much. I would love to have one. You should talk to underground toys which are the company that makes Dr Who toys and items. Are you selling any of these?


  2. Hvor for man takk i sånne skap er så interessert i sånne slike ting nå bare vite hvor man for kjøpt den hen hvor man finner sånt på nett han kan du si det 😁😁

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