Maintenance Mode

Fraggle Rock Doozers Building

Just a note to say I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! I’ve been doing a lot of work on this blog the last few weeks, it’s just not very apparent.

I have been:

– Migrating images from Photobucket. I don’t know what I was thinking, but the vast majority of my images were hosted there. I’m NOT paying them bandwidth fees this year, nossir.

– New art. Some posts had hastily-thrown together vector art, so I made all-new art for them. Here is one example.

– Cleaning up existing art. I’m re-labeling images with smaller credits (for many images my name and website were writ large), consolidating multiple images, and removing dark backgrounds (wherever possible) for a more uniform look.

Enlarging old images. When I first started my blog was 430 pixels wide (!) so I have a lot of smaller images in the archive. I’m striving to bring images up to 650 – 700 pixels wide across the board.

– Nixing weird posts. This blog had some 775 posts but I trimmed it down to about 500. I removed posts that were critical of other people’s work; several unnecessary ‘update’ posts; stuff that wasn’t relevant to design (like me rambling on about music or movies); or just plain weird ideas that would alienate people in general.

Editing my written work. Some posts were too long-winded, others had typos or were unclear, so I did my best to keep it short and simple. A lot of the art can do the talking.

I’ve been chipping away at it, and I still have some work to do. That said it’s a worthwhile investment for the long-term operation of this blog.

When I first started this blog I was honestly just goofing around. But having built a small audience these past few years I’ve come to realize that there is quite a bit of longevity to these posts after all.

Once I am done the repairs I have some big plans for this blog, in terms of layout and content (ever heard of Sketchfab?). The future is bright!

In the meantime I will still post new content (both here and at Geeky Hockey — I’m also doing some repairs there too), so please stay tuned.


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