47 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Great Work, and ideas!!
    Have you ever thought of doing Magic; The Gathering Jerseys? To me, it seems like the perfect match. 5 colors, With 5 distinct “personalities”

    If you are unfamiliar, just check it out for kicks…


    Once again, Great work!! A new fan, Thanks to Puckdaddy.

    Joel Nickels, Chicago, Illinois

    Ps……I’d be placing an order, if i had a job these days, (carpenter). And when I do, I’ll be looking for what you still might be having made. These are really Friggin cool…

  2. Hi Dave,
    I have a small shop in Toronto and am interested in your subway maps… Is it possible to buy a bunch at a discount? Cheers, Elissa

  3. Dave have you thought of going on the show shark tank seriously your fucking amazing

    1. Thanks! I am a big fan of the Canadian Dragon’s Den (same thing).

      There’s not much I can own or sell. Most of these ideas involve the intellectual properties of others, so I can’t do anything legal.

  4. O that sucks lol, i would like to see more superhero designs maybe more iron man stuff batman gadgets irl, you can have a whole section for your superhero stuff for instance that one scene in iron man 2 where he takes out his iphone like device and puts it on the tv. You know what im saying right. If you can do that it will be great!

  5. Sorry for bugging you but can you do something inspired by the movie kick ass. I always liked that movie. I dont know what but maybe you can do like at least 3 things maybe more. If you haven’t seen it its on netflix.

    1. It’s been awhile since I seen it. I am enthusiastic about the property, so I’m surprised I haven’t gotten around to it myself. I’ll see what I can do (no ETA right now). Thanks!

  6. I still got more stuff of yours to look at so ill be back on in like 3 hours going to watch the 1994 spiderman on netflix lol

  7. I dont know if you did this already but maybe you can go back to “My Dream Bed” to make it better also maybe a 3d version

  8. Sorry for bugging the f out of you :l but remember the papercraft poll you did on nov 8th? Maybe you can do another one of those. My personal favorite out of the options you had that day was the xavier mansion. While on the concept of the xavier mansion i had a great idea while watching x-men recently i had a idea that maybe you can put in one of your posts:). What i had in mind was the whole x-men collection in a set, the movies will be inside the mansion. There is some great shots of it in the latest movie “X-men: First Class”

    PS: Sorry for flooding you with some of my stupid nonsense 🙂

    1. I march to the beat of my own drum around here. That’s what my readers like – they don’t know what they’re gonna get. Tomorrow could be a recipe.

      Thanks for the feedback! No worries at all.

  9. Dave i have a question. Do you have any patents you own besides the velcro alternative. While on the concept of the velcro design did you get any hits on that (any contacts).

  10. I know you said ”I march to the beat of my own drum around here.” but i just couldn’t resist sharing this. I just finished seeing all five of the rocky movies on netflix for the first time in my life. So i got this idea… It will be a five + disc collection with special features and the discs will go into a boxing ring (maybe mick’s boxing ring or the one he won he belt in IDK). You would open the ring and the discs will be in there. On the boxing mat in will be separated into 5 parts (one for each movie) and there will be a collage of pictures of all the most important events in that particular movie. If you like it you can use the idea if not i’m just happy to share with you :).

  11. I would like to know how much is the www bed? My son is a huge fan and I want to get him one please. Thank you so much!

  12. I really like your blu-ray box ideas and i would like to know what program do you use to creat them because im trying to start a small business with my friend of making personalized movie jewerly boxes and stuff like that i tryed alot of 3-d making programs but none of them look as good as yours Please respond and keep up the great work

  13. I need a mario shower curtain for my son;s bathroom and can’t find any. Is it possible to get this shower curtain around Christmas?? Thank you so much for you consideration.

  14. Hello my name is kimberly nation. My husband is a HUGE fan of Dr. Who. I would love to get this forbhim for Christmas. Is there anyway I can order this or something??

  15. Hello dave, i just have a quick question, are you going to make any of the cases and pendents and stuff? Cuz i think those designs are wonderful and that people would love to have that stuff!

  16. David. Your “brother” linked to you on Reddit a yesterday, and I have spent much of the time since I saw that comment browsing your website. These are excellent. I stopped at page 28, because someone might ask me how I spent my day.
    Thank you for the coll ideas.

  17. Hi Dave, Your Star Trek ShuttleCraft tent is an amazing idea! I note from previous questions that you are a designer rather than a producer. could you point me in the direction of a company that could potentially have one custom made? Kind regards, A M

  18. I’m pretty sure you may have answered this question ” centuries ” ago but, I was wondering if the Star Trek warp core is available for purchase. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

  19. My Merchandise ideas

    Haunted Mansion: Hitchhiking Ghosts animatronics (for Spirit Halloween)

    Five Nights At Freddy’s: Golden Freddy life size statue

    Mario: Yoshi horse saddle

    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie King Neptune’s crown

    Powerpuff Girls hotline

    The Simpsons: Lard Lad scale statue

    The Simpsons: Jebediah Springfield scale statue

    Warner Bros Water tower scape statue

    Regular Show: Pops scale statue

    Superman scale memorial statue

    Regular Show: Muscle Man’s trailer

    Star Wars: Levitating Death Star (followed by other levitating Star Wars planets)

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