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Toy Firetruck USB Hub

Toy Firetruck USB Hub

My desk is often covered with cables (especially when I am recharging my portable devices), so I thought it would be fun to help conceal the mess by using a USB Hub that looks like a toy firetruck. See, all the wires/cables would look like hoses when plugged into the side of the firetruck.

For increased functionality I would also include a headphone jack, card readers, and an LED lamp built into the extendable ladder. Lights and sounds would also be a fun touch.

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Pittsburgh Light Rail Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Pittsburgh LRT The T Map

Here is a large wallpaper. You can buy a high-res poster here.

James Bond Car Cigarette Lighter Covers

James Bond Seat Eject Car Lighter Cover Dave Delisle 2013

This is pretty simple: a car lighter cover (or replacement car lighter plug) that looks like a whimsical button you’d see in a James Bond car. The button would be labelled “Passenger Seat Eject” or “Missiles” or “Machine Guns” or what have you. Personally I would go with the Seat Eject one to intimidate passengers. It being plugged-in the cigarette lighter this could also illuminate (repeatedly blinking on and off) for a more authentic look.

Geeky Car Lighter Plug Dave Delisle 2013

Much like my Spy Hunter car stereo design, I always thought it would be fun to add a bunch of fake buttons to the console of your car for that “double-0 agent” feel. Maybe something can be done along the lines of a USB charger that plugs into the lighter (I might have to tackle that design one day).

Smart Mailboxes

Canada Post Urban Delivery 2014 Dave Delisle

The big news in Canada this week is that Canada Post will be phasing out door-to-door delivery for all urban centres (thanks Obama). This means Canadians who currently get mail delivered right to their house will now have to head to their friendly neighborhood communal mailbox to retrieve their mail. Read the rest of this entry

Updated Vancouver Skytrain Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Vancouver Skytrain Map 2013 Evergreen Line Future

I’ve been sitting on this update for awhile because I’m waiting for Translink to figure out the new Evergreen route west of Lougheed station*. Due to a lack of activity here lately I thought I’d share it now.

Just for fun I thought I’d make a version with some animation. If you need accompanying music look no further.

I won’t be offering any posters until the new route is sorted out. I’d also like to announce all Vancouver posters have been retired.

*Both the Millenium and Evergreen line could share the line between Lougheed and VCC-Clark, or that section could be exclusive to one of those aforementioned lines. I’m betting that both lines will share the route, with the Evergreen line only using it during peak times.

Revised Map Of California, Thanks To A Criminal Mastermind

Lex Luthor Map Of California

You can purchase a high-res poster of this map here.

Many theorize that the San Andreas Fault disaster could have been averted by that Superman fella, but he disappeared the very day a large chunk of California sunk into the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately a large corporation stepped up to rebuild what remained of the state. The lesson: corporations are the real heroes.


If you don’t get the gist I made this map to reflect an alternate reality where Lex Luthor’s scheme (from the first Superman movie, watch the scene here) actually worked. The result is a new California where almost every city is named after the greatest criminal mastermind.

I added a few more cities, decimated a few surviving cities (Fresno and Sacramento), and theorized that a massive barrier reef would form as a result of western California being underwater. Also his plan had called for grabbing a slice of Mexico, which I stayed true to. And yes, I granted Otis his dream city; I imagine Lex would’ve been in a good mood after his plan succeeded to permit Otisburg in the end.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

This is is an update to one of my popular ideas from a few years ago, the Tardis Blu-Ray Case. This time I did my best to make the Tardis look more like its TV show counterpart. The old design started to bother me a bit, now that I have taken up the show since (which I love).

Still the same basic idea, a Tardis case that would contain a bunch of CD-like Blu-Ray cases. It would feature LED lights for the top light and signs.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

This time it would have 2 doors instead of one. Because the main case would be full of Blu-Ray cases most of the time (unless you’re watching a Doctor Who marathon), I thought I’d incorporate an image of the Tardis interior along all the spines of the cases stored inside.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

Also I did my best to conceal the door hinges, which are still external so the doors can open wider for the disc cases to have enough clearance for removal. Other than that it is the same old design!

In theory this could hold everything from the first 50 years of the show, something I’m sure many Whovians would like. Maybe the BBC can issue something similar to this one day?


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