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Shark Laser Pointer

Shark Laser Pointer Austin Powers Dr Evil Gadget 2013 Dave Delisle

This is another instance of when I was shopping for a particular item only to discover it did not exist. Much to my surprise shark-themed laser pointers aren’t available. Now I only have one simple request; and that is to have laser pointers that look like sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!

To be clear this would be for a small handheld laser pointer used for highlighting stuff on the chalkboard or terrorizing your pet cat (and NOT for pointing at flying aircraft). This gadget would fit onto your keychain, and would be operated with a push button. To make it friendly for placing in your pocket I’d make all the fins (or the whole body) out of a flexible rubber.

Another way to go is to have a normal laser pointer that can attach to a plastic toy shark. It would be a decorative item for the desk.

Relevant scene for the youngsters who might not get the joke. Can you believe the film is 16 years old??

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A Collection Of Jurassic Park Ideas

Here’s a fun look back at a bunch of Jurassic Park ideas. Stay tuned for more in the future!

1. Jurassic Park 3D Glasses. I was so sure this would be a thing I vowed to watch the Twilight films if it didn’t happen. A man of my word, I will… oh, they’re not on Netflix? Oh man what a bummer. But seriously I’d want a pair of these, 3D or no.

Jurassic Park Blu-Ray Case

2. Jurassic Park Blu-Ray Case. This design put my blog on the map, so feel free to assign blame here. If I ever got rich I would 3D-print this sucker.

Jurassic Park Bed Plush Goat Fences

3. Jurassic Park Fence Bed. Featuring a doomed plush goat (like so many of my other posts)! I’m pretty sure there was an IKEA bed with a similar frame, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Jurassic Park wrist watch goggles 2011 Dave Delisle

4. Jurassic Park Watch. I made this for my Watch This series, and I still love this design 2 years later. You’ll note as we go back in time, the pictures as smaller. For some reason I was cool with a blog width of 445 pixels back in the day.

Jurassic Park Hockey Jerseys Dave Delisle

Click To Enlarge

5. Jurassic Park Hockey Jersey. This one migrated to my other blog, but it was a hit when I posted it here in the fall of 2011. The design was inspired by the gas-powered jeeps from the film.

6. Wallpapers. You can find a ‘Fences’ screen here, and a rather juvenile Yoshi-themed one here.

What I’d Like To See For The Oculus Rift Headset

Oculus Rift Headset Dave Delisle 2013

The highly-anticipated Oculus Rift VR headset will be released this spring, allowing gamers to enjoy virtual reality – something that seemed around the corner in the early 90′s! With many developers pledging support for games old and new, and its attractive price point of $300, you’d be hard-pressed to find any fault with this device. Read the rest of this entry

Geeky Flash Drives Part 3: Superman Fortress Crystal

Superman USB Drive 2013 Dave Delisle

The crystals in the Superman films had several functions: home construction, beacon, glow stick, ability to restore superpowers, and last but not least: data storage.  Two of these things — data storage and the glow functionality — could easily translate to a USB flash drive. The end result is something that looks and behaves (to an extent) just like one of Superman’s crystals.

For this design a vanilla cap would cover the USB plug. Like the previous Ghostbusters design, there would be some LED lights built-in to indicate the device is in use. But one thing I’d like to see is an on-demand light, triggered by a button, allowing you to replicate the ‘glow stick’ feature of the crystal. The drive would need an on-board battery, preferably something that can be recharged (via USB, of course). There are so many keychain light and USB drive combos, so I feel this is an attainable design.

And as a lark it should come preloaded with a few documents about trees.

Geeky Flash Drives Part 2: Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap USN Flash Drive

This dates back to one of my very first ideas on this site, but a few things about that flash drive design bugged me: it could not fit into any USB port (the plug was recessed), and it had no indicator light. Well I’m glad to finally put together a redesign, which features a flip plug and an LED light to indicate that it is plugged-in.

Ghostbusters USB Ghost Trap 2013 Dave Delisle

The ghost trap is a plug-and-play device used by the Ghostbusters, so it makes sense it would be a USB flash drive. You’re just transporting data instead of ghosts.

There are a few other variations for this design: the USB plug could flip out of the trap doors; the trap compartment could be a flash drive that slides out of the main trap; or the foot pedal cable could be a USB plug that is tethered to the flash drive trap. Either way, I hope to get one of these some day.

Geeky Flash Drives Part 1: N64 Expansion Pak

Expansion Pak N64 Dave Delisle Nintendo USB Flash Drive Geeky Geek

Ah the good ol’ N64 Expansion Pak. I remember getting this for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and not seeing any discernible difference in the game (turns out only the resolution was increased). Since then I’ve developed something of a soft spot for this cartridge-like peripheral, and not just because it proved beneficial for many more games after Rogue Squadron; I just really like the idea of forward-thinking hardware expansion for game consoles, something we haven’t enjoyed too much here in North America.

With that said, I like the idea of enlisting the Expansion Pak to be plugged into many other devices in the form of a USB flash drive. Its signature red grill would not only be embraced by Nintendo fans, but it is pretty stylish too. It belongs on your key chain or lanyard!

One day I’d like to submit this to Makerbot as a case that can fit over an existing USB flash drive — no ETA on when I can go about doing that.

R2D2 Wireless Adapter

R2D2 Wireless Adapter D-Link DWA-130 Star Wars Dave Delisle

What I own (left) versus what I want (right).

We switched to wireless internet recently, so I got one of these Wireless Adapters (the D-Link DWA-130, pictured) that came with a USB cradle for my workstation. Its blinking light and leaning stance reminded me of a certain Star Wars character, so of course I thought wouldn’t it be neat

R2D2 blinking light adapter 2013 Dave Delisle Geeky Gadgets

R2 used this antennae at the beginning of Empire, as he searched for signs of Luke. The antennae continuously spun in the film, but for this gadget it would need to be static (who wants to hear a little motor non-stop?). A USB would plug in the front of the droid. He’d also tilt to help get a better signal.

It would be nice if Belkin and D-Link made some fun accessories like this (also see this wireless router I designed a while back), but for now their lines of vanilla-yet-functional products will suffice, I suppose.


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