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Pixar Collection Blu-Ray Case

Pixar Collection Blu-Ray Case

Sorry for the lack of activity lately! I have been editing hundreds of posts these past few months as part of my cleanup effort. While I was sorting through all my art I stumbled on something I made a few years back, but decided not to post: this PIXAR case based on the Pizza Planet truck, which has been seen in every PIXAR film. The reasons I didn’t post it back then: A.) I was weary of making vehicle-based cases B.) It struck me as something that might not look good on the shelf (it is an ugly old truck), and C.) the design didn’t seem all that user-friendly (see below). Pixar Collection Blu-Ray Case   Originally I was striving to make a compact case (this is about 10″ long, 6.75″ tall, 6.25″ wide) that could hold about 20 – 25 discs, and that warranted this telescoping feature. Unfortunately it became this 20-inch long monstrosity that took up a lot of space. Also the discs might be cumbersome to browse and remove (though the trays could probably detach too). I’ve decided to share it now to because of the lack of new posts, and also it is a fun item to behold. This is a reminder for me that some designs just don’t hold up until you see them in action. Here are a few more Pixar designs: Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E, and a Monsters Inc Blu-Ray player.

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Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil’s Gate

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate DVD

I just started watching Supernatural these past few months. Previously I didn’t give the show a chance because I thought it was just another Smallville (which I got tired of and quit after 3 or 4 seasons). I have to say Supernatural holds up to Buffy and Angel very well, and is pretty much a love letter to geeks in my opinion. I’m hooked!

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate DVD

For a blu-ray case design I thought I’d use the Devil’s Gate, a crypt seen at the end of Season 2. Unfortunately there are too many seasons of Supernatural (9 and counting) to make a replica crypt case; it would be the size of a bird feeder or a small doghouse. Instead I decided to make a simple box that can fit within your movie library, one that still has the unique doors and lock of the crypt.

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate

The case features a latch that can be turned with a small replica “Magic Colt”, a demon-killing gun that also doubled as a key to the Devil’s Gate in the show. Just to make the case user-friendly it can remain unlocked, with the doors held in place by magnets or tabs.

Supernatural Blu-Ray Case: The Devil's Gate

Yes I am tempting fate that the show will have 10 seasons. I’m 99.99% sure a 10th season will happen. Here is why: 1.) Smallville did it 2.) They can have a bunch of crossovers with the new spin-off show, and 3.) it’s bragging rights for the CW and everyone involved with the show; if this was the final year, they’d be marketing it as such to drive up ratings.

Other things from the show like the car could make for a cool case, again it’s just that there are too many seasons (some 50 – 60 blu-ray discs in total), a tall order for any complete set.

Some notes: I made the interior orange to represent “Hell”. I was tempted to add some orange LED’s at the mouth of the case but opted to keep it simple. I also added some dividers to make it easier to grab a box set and remove it from the case; this was because I saw this Charmed box set, which looks really tough to grab a season case from. When Warner Brothers does release a complete collection, I hope they offer a case with just the final season, so fans can add the seasons they already bought (one with every season could be offered to latecomers like myself).

Also if you’re interested I posted a hockey jersey design on my other blog.

WALL-E Blu-Ray Case

Wall-E Steelbook DVD Blu-Ray Case Dave Delisle

Whenever possible I like to use film props as the basis for a Blu-Ray special edition cases, and for WALL-E I thought I’d use a simple but striking prop seen briefly in the film, the recolonization manual (or Manuel, as the captain called it). It’s a cool-looking book with an illuminated leaf emblem on the cover.

Initially I thought this would make for a neat iPad cover, but it’s size and thickness is more appropriate for a disc case. I also thought a WALL-E robot would be ideal for a Blu-Ray case, but that would be a bit too big in my opinion (much like the R2D2 one I made a few years ago).

Wall-E Steelbook DVD Blu-Ray Case Dave Delisle

The leaf emblem would light on command via button, and would be powered by a replaceable battery. This design has only one disc, but additional flaps could be included to up the disc count to as many as 3.

If you like Pixar please also check out designs for The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. A Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray player can be found here. For all the Blu-Ray case designs click here.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray Case

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

This is is an update to one of my popular ideas from a few years ago, the Tardis Blu-Ray Case. This time I did my best to make the Tardis look more like its TV show counterpart. The old design started to bother me a bit, now that I have taken up the show since (which I love).

Still the same basic idea, a Tardis case that would contain a bunch of CD-like Blu-Ray cases. It would feature LED lights for the top light and signs.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

This time it would have 2 doors instead of one. Because the main case would be full of Blu-Ray cases most of the time (unless you’re watching a Doctor Who marathon), I thought I’d incorporate an image of the Tardis interior along all the spines of the cases stored inside.

Doctor Who Tardis Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Case 2013 Dave Delisle

Also I did my best to conceal the door hinges, which are still external so the doors can open wider for the disc cases to have enough clearance for removal. Other than that it is the same old design!

In theory this could hold everything from the first 50 years of the show, something I’m sure many Whovians would like. Maybe the BBC can issue something similar to this one day?

Pacific Rim Blu-Ray Case

Gipsy Danger NECA Blu-Ray Pacific Rim DVD Case Special Edition 2013 Design Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Pacific Rim is my most anticipated movie of the year. It will hit theaters in July, with the Blu-Ray release sometime in October or November. That said it’s not too early to offer up what I would like to see for a Blu-Ray case: a design based on the giant transport crawler seen in the trailer.

My intent with this design is not to offer a case-and-action-figure combo. It is create a standalone Blu-Ray case that doubles as a stand for a Pacific Rim NECA figure, which would be sold separately. The Gipsy Danger robot you see above is an approximation of NECA’s 7″ figure that is currently available. Not only do you get a cheaper Blu-Ray case, you’d get to adorn it with your giant robot of choice.

Gipsy Danger NECA Blu-Ray Pacific Rim DVD Case Special Edition 2013 Design Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

The platform has a tray which slides out like a drawer. The tray rests on some wheels which allows it to glide smoothly when opening and closing. All the tank treads are molded plastic, and would have small wheels embedded within; though I’d only like the treads under the tray to have wheels, making this case stationary.

If additional discs (or booklets) are needed this design can be altered to include additional trays, or the existing tray could have a folding flap on top that can hold a few additional discs.

This is the smallest case design I have posted yet. It is rough 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″. That’s roughly four CD cases stacked together.

My favorite thing about this design: the case is really just a display stand, so even after packaged media goes extinct, it would still be useful.

It would be great if NECA and Warner Brothers could enlist some synergy to release something like this (or perhaps a full-fledged case-and-figure combo even). You seldom see that kind collaboration for Blu-Ray releases, in fact I can only think of McFarlane Toys releasing Walking Dead Blu-Ray sets.

Be sure to check out my Gipsy Danger hockey jersey design on my other site.

Firefly And Serenity Blu-Ray Case

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

ANNOUNCEMENT: Be sure to check my other blog as right now the third run of Browncoats hockey jerseys are being offered for a limited time (as well as another surprise jersey). Original post as follows:

An obscure but fitting choice for a Blu-Ray case: the media player seen in the film Serenity that River Tam uses to see the plight of Miranda. The size of the player looked perfect, making this case almost a prop replica.

I also want to say right off the bat that this would be ideal for a Blu-Ray player too; might do that another day. For now I decided to make it a case, because the glass casing had this ‘layered’ look in the film, making it appear like a bunch of cases stacked on one another.

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

A few manual clasps at the side would lock the case shut. With the clasps pried loose, four trays would be accessed, holding a total of 6 discs, enough for the complete television series and the feature film. This can be expanded to 8 discs if needed (added discs could go on the bottom of the 4th tray and the case stand itself). Once opened the trays turn like pages in a book.

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

A nice touch would be the illumination of the case via a single blue LED light, which would be activated on demand. This is a feature that would be better for the aforementioned Blu-Ray player idea, but still possible for a case. The light is housed in a detachable module that is plugged into the top disc tray (the two side clasps plug into the module as well); it can also remain affixed when accessing discs. This module functioned as the data storage device in the film, so if you’d like to carry it around with you as a prop that is also an option.

Firefly Complete Series And Serenity Blu-Ray Film 2012 Dave Delisle Shiny

Serenity Firefly Collector's Edition Blu-Ray DVD Case 2012 Dave Delisle Browncoats

What could arguably be a bigger pipe dream than this case is getting FOX and Universal to cooperate and release the television series and film together in one package. FOX owns the TV series while Universal owns the film. To date they’ve done their own respective releases. One possibility is FOX releasing the complete TV series with a few empty slots for the film’s discs, which would be a nice gesture. But then again this media player design is proprietary to the film. *Sigh!*

Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Player

Criterion Collection Blu-Ray DVD Player Wood Panel Electronics Dave Delisle

I usually design Blu-Ray cases here, but for fun I thought I’d design a Blu-Ray player. The best theme for a player in my opinion is the Criterion Collection, something I’m sure many Cinephiles would agree with.

Criterion would look minimalistic and somewhat luxurious, so I enlisted wood paneling and aluminum for the main body. Gone are the electronic LCD panels, instead are a few printed card displays that are illuminated with bulb or LED lights. Buttons are also scarce here, only the power and eject buttons are on the face (the rest could be buried behind a panel elsewhere, I didn’t include it here).

One cosmetic feature is a single-hand clock that would display the progress of the film in lieu of a quartz timer. I personally think it looks really classy, especially with the Criterion ‘C’ on the face. For those who want to see specific time information, that could be displayed onscreen (via remote press – remote not shown).

Criterion Collection Blu-Ray DVD Player Wood Panel Electronics Dave Delisle

There are two individual disc trays; for loading the feature disc and special features disc, or two completely different movies. I think this would be better than those 3 or 5 disc trays, allowing you to replace discs without interrupting one that is currently playing.  Also you can quickly toggle between the two discs, because they would be loaded simultaneously.

And one feature that I think is really neat is a perch for parking your (empty) movie case. This perch has dramatic lighting to illuminate the case, showing off the case art and making this a theater marquee of sorts. The lights dim when the films plays, and come back on when the film is stopped.

Criterion Collection Blu-Ray DVD Player Wood Panel Electronics Dave Delisle

This was just a fun exercise. In all likelihood such a player would look very conventional (cobalt black, LED display, single disc tray). Personally I’d like to see a flat design, something I pitched a long time ago.


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