Firefly And Serenity Blu-Ray Case

Serenity Blu-Ray Case by davesgeekyideas

UPDATE (March 27/2015): This is an updated design of the Serenity/Firefly Blu-Ray case. The original, which was based on the media device used to play the “Miranda” distress video in the film, was a bit too complex.

Instead of having a book-like case with many flaps, I decided to put the discs in trays that can be pulled out of the base. The old design required that you unclamp and remove the data module to get at the discs.

This updated design looks a lot cleaner, and the discs are easier to access. The LED-illuminated data module would still be removable, giving this case a “replica prop” vibe.

Back To The Future III Photo Backdrop

BTTF 3 Western Clock Photo Marty Doc 2012 Dave Delisle
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This is a high-res backdrop facsimile of Back to the Future III’s famous clock photograph. With Photoshop you can add yourself and some friends, then hang this on the wall to mess with people.