Back To The Future III Photo Backdrop

BTTF 3 Western Clock Photo Marty Doc 2012 Dave Delisle
Click To Enlarge

This is a high-res backdrop facsimile of Back to the Future III’s famous clock photograph. With Photoshop you can add yourself and some friends, then hang this on the wall to mess with people.

As you can see there is plenty of real estate added around the clock so you can add as many people as you’d like, then crop as needed.

I know it’s a very clean image, but Photoshoppers can make it look as dirty and rustic as they’d like. For a starting point it sure is pretty to me. I might have a future in faking historical photographs.

If you need help with wardrobe, I suggest you contact your friendly neighborhood Browncoat.

UPDATE: I liked the image so much I turned it into a poster, which you can buy here (or click on the image). For the poster treatment I added the rest of the clock:BTTF III Courthouse Photo Western Dave Delisle

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