Dr. Claw Ring

Doctor Claw ring by Dave Delisle

Argh. Nobody makes this. Not even those Etsy folks! This should be like, the top-selling ring in the whole world (for people 28 and older). Or perhaps I am overestimating the popularity of Inspector Gadget.

UPDATE: You can now grab one here.

10 thoughts on “Dr. Claw Ring

  1. Great ring! It’d be great if you made it available, I’d love to try printing it on my RepRap. Thingiverse or Grabcad are good places for sharing something for 3d printing. Love your designs.

  2. Dave, if you have already designed it in 3D then that’s the hard part. Why don’t you set yourself up an account on Shapeways, they do the 3D printing in a whole host of different materials (including metals) and take a portion for themselves.

    1. Might do that. For now it seemed ideal to permit someone who owns a 3D printer and can make casting molds to get the 3D model. He can at least deal with trial-and-error and quality control — all that jazz. Plus he can make jewelry! It’s a win-win.

      I’ve been meaning to use Shapeways for some time. One day soon!

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