Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case

Adventure Time blu-ray case design by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Started watching Adventure Time this past month, and it’s safe to say I’m a big fan. It’s a whimsical, carefree show which makes for a nice chaser for something like Breaking Bad.

I made this design very simple because I am often told my concepts are too expensive to execute. It is a cardboard sleeve with an insert that holds several Blu-Ray cases. It is based on BMO (Beemo), a character fashioned after an old Game Boy.

Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case 2012 Dave Delisle

Beemo comes with a detachable arms (not unlike Mr. Potatohead’s). The legs are connected in a horseshoe shape, perfect for a stand the case can sit on. The feet can swivel for some pose-ability, but mostly to allow for all the accessories to be stored in the case (for shipping and display).

Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case 2012 Dave Delisle

The best feature of this design is an interchangeable face, made possible by a square hole punched into the main sleeve, and numerous expressions placed on all the Blu-Ray cases. Each case can have up to 4 expressions. You then place the case at the front of the box in the correct orientation to display the expression (or video game even) that you want.

Here is what a case design would look like:

Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case 2012 Dave Delisle

Again this is the “frugal” design. I feel the limbs are optional too:

Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case 2012 Dave Delisle

You can also go in the opposite direction with a fancy plastic case featuring molded buttons and a few controllers as well. I just thought I’d put together a design that was practical and  could conceivably be released.

8 thoughts on “Adventure Time Beemo Blu-Ray Case

  1. This would be great for an all episodes in one pack type of thing! It reminds me of the Invader Zim house:

    Have you seen the actual dvd for season 1 of adventure time? It’s pretty cool too:

    I recently purchase the complete box set of the powerpuff girls and it’s really dissapointing(… I wonder what could you do with that…?

    1. Your comment got lodged in the Spam filter, sorry about the delayed replay.

      Zim’s House packaging is cool, don’t see the similarities here. Zim’s would be comparable to a Happy Meal!

      And the Adventure Time DVD is gorgeous. has a ‘Criterion-like’ simplicity.

      Sorry I haven’t watched much PowerPuff Girls or Dexter’s Lab even, so I couldn’t really attempt to make a design for that. I usually design stuff for things I am familiar with and enthusiastic about. Samurai Jack is a possibility…

  2. Cute! Of course, Adventure Time’s episodes are short enough that you could probably fit an entire season on each disc, plus all of its extras, and still have plenty of room to spare.

  3. This is an amazing design concept. I hope very very much, that someone wants to put your idea into motion because that would sell insanely well. Extremely clever with the faces. This design appeals to so many different people: fans of the show, fans of prop replicas, fans of cute things, fans of dvd/blu collecting, etc, etc

    awesome to look at, and read. Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas

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