Super Metroid Missile Lamps


The missile upgrades spread throughout Planet Zebes in Super Metroid were encased in a glass dome (well, I think they were glass domes), so I always thought they’d make for a nice display piece. And what better display than a lamp?

It probably wouldn’t be a full-on lamp mind you. Just an ambient light, something that could be used as a night light or just decoration. If it were up to me, they’d be solar-powered and would also have a light sensor to activate when it gets dark.

Also it couldn’t be a life-size replica, otherwise it would be 2-feet tall (they were 1/3 of Samus’ height in the game). Personally I’d like these to be about the size of a coffee mug, so I can leave several throughout my home.

Moon And Sun Light Fixture

Sun and moon light fixture design 2012 dave delisle dave's geeky ideas davesgeekyideas

There are plenty of moon lamps¬†available out there. But what I have in mind is a normal light fixture that has a moon image that will glow-in-the-dark. So when the light is on it looks like the sun, and when it’s off it looks like the moon.

This was inspired by those neat Dinosaur coins the Canadian Mint is releasing.

This would be great for a kids room or the grownup stargazers among us. Would compliment a ceiling populated with glow-in-the-dark stars nicely.

I’m not entirely sure if this is possible – would the heat from the bulbs damage the glowing properties of the moon image? Can the moon image be opaque enough for the light to pass through? Maybe someone out there smarter than me (which isn’t saying a lot) can provide insight.