Video Game Power-Up AC Adapter


Video Game Power Adapters

The basic premise here  (if it is not already obvious) is a grounded tap adapter which has a video game theme, to give the appearance that you are drawing power from a power-up item. The Triforce of Power, for example, would look like your preferred energy source.

Other bells and whistles include LED night lights (which have light sensors), USB adapters for charging mobile devices, and maybe some sound effects too (when plugging an item in).

I chose to make these tap adapters, because it would be as simple as plugging them in. You could make them specialty outlets too, which you’d have to install in place of a vanilla outlet.

Grounded Tap Adapter

(I added USB ports after I rendered this)

Sorry for just showing Nintendo themed designs! Other outlets can include: the energy tank from Mega Man and the power pellets from Pac-Man to name a few. Another way to go would be outlets that look like game consoles, like a Nintendo 64 or GameCube. This way the sockets could look like controller ports, and the lights would mimic the console’s power indicator.

Personally I’d love to have the Energy Tank from Super Metroid (middle). The ‘E’ would pulse yellow, which would look cool.

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