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A Few Small Ideas

Zelda Gravestone Graveyard Cemetery

1. Cartridge Tombstones. I thought this was too macabre to post here, but it’s been popular on Tumblr so it can’t be all bad. Sure it’s a fun spin on tombstones, but I doubt any cemetery would permit them. However that will change when we geeks complete our world takeover in 2019. I said too much.

Balrog Street Fighter in Punch-Out!!

2. Modding Punch-Out!! If I had the technical know-how, I would love to edit the game sprites to include some pop culture boxers: Balrog from Street Fighter (above); Rocky, Ivan Drogo, Appolo Creed, and Mr. T from the Rocky movies; Honey Roy Palmer (what? I like Diggstown); the Kangaroo from Looney Tunes; and I know I’m forgetting a few. As for real boxers like Tyson and Ali, I feel they are best left to EA’s Fight Night sim.

Borg Charging Station iPhone Dave Delisle Star Trek

3. Borg Wireless Charging Station. This is an old post, but I remade the art and I think it looks coo. I’ve been redoing art for a bunch of older stuff lately. Here is another example.

And that’s all for this roundup. If this were a YouTube video I’d be begging you to subscribe about now (though I’ll settle for being bookmarked). Have a nice Tuesday.

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Zelda Candle Holder IRL

Zelda Candle Holder

Click To Enlarge

A couple of posts ago I threw out the idea of a Zelda Candle Holder (based on the dungeon torches from Ocarina of Time), and Rachel Holden decided to make it! And she did a bang-up job as you can see above.

It’s just a fake candle for now – she didn’t want to burn her house down, which is completely understandable. She explains how it was made (and what those GoT sigils are in the background) in this Reddit post.

So why can’t I just make these things myself? I’m an ideas man. I leave the implementation to others! 

Bunch Of Small Ideas

I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I would like the past few months, as other projects have been consuming my time. So in no particular order:

Zelda Candle Holder 2013 Dave Delisle

1. Zelda Candle Holders. For the romantic geek! This would hold those little disc-shaped candles.

Sent From My iPhone Envelope

2. Gag envelopes that tell the recipient what kind of electronic device you have, because that is important. I tweeted about this a few weeks back, saying it would be a fun way to mess with the recipient. All you have to do is print the text “Sent from my iPhone/Blackberry/Android” onto some envelopes, a fun DIY project. Would be interesting if anyone asked what app was used to make the envelope.

Twitter Retweet Plus Edit

3. A way to retweet and tack on your own text in one step. I think it would be convenient to add your commentary to a retweet. Clicking this option would bring up a tweet dialogue box with the person’s tweet you’d like to retweet already pasted. You can then type in your reply or commentary and post it. If the person’s original tweet is left intact, a RT abbreviation (retweet) is present. If you edit or delete some of their tweet then it automatically changes to MT (modified tweet).

Twitter Can't Miss

4. Can’t-Miss counters for Twitter. Another idea for Twitter: little counters that indicate how many tweets you missed from people since you last logged-on. You click on the counter and all those missed tweets would be expanded below. For this feature it would be best to designate which people are “can’t miss”; you wouldn’t want a counter for everyone I imagine.

5. Milestone funding for Kickstarter/Indiegogo. This is something that happens in the video game industry, usually between a publisher and an external game studio: instead of the publisher paying 100% of the game budget right off the bat, they pay in installments and only when certain milestones in the game are achieved. Once you achieve your milestone, you get another percentage of the budget to keep production going.

Having already made pledges to a few lame-duck Kickstarters, I think the milestone approach would be ideal. The person who landed funding on Kickstarter would have demonstrate progress to unlock further funding. For instance: your Kickstarter is successful for $100,000. You get 20% of the total to get started. Once you demonstrate progress your funders can green-light the next 20% of the funding, and so on. BUT if you are a lame-duck project then the rest of your funding could be pulled, so backers can withdraw support and get back the remaining percentage of their contribution. Backers would vote on green-lighting additional funds or killing support.

This keeps project organizers honest and eliminates some of the risk for backers. This also adds more incentive for project organizers to maintain communication (many go radio silent as things go sour), and above all ensures they carry the project to completion.

The project organizer would have to spell out milestone goals in their pitch (most do anyway), and during key updates would ask their backers to vote on green-lighting more funds.  The milestone percentages could be set by the organizer, so if their Kickstarter needs 100% of funding right away they have to ask for it and say why.

6. Cumulative YouTube ads: I will watch a bunch of ads in a row on YouTube if it will buy me a reprieve for a few months. Stop the madness.

7. FREE Ad-sponsored YouTube movies. If YouTube ran FREE full-length movies with the cost of admission being a bunch of ads, I would be there. We already watch 20+ minutes of ads in movie theaters prior to films starting! I could endure several ads to see The Last Starfighter on YouTube, how about you? UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, there is a section in YouTube that provides this very service called Crackle. The main website for Crackle is here. Thanks to Niraj!

Bonus Idea: The “Barrel-Roller”, a vehicle I’d like to see in Mario Kart 8.

Donkey Kong Mario Kart 2013

Zelda Doors Help!

Zelda Door Lock Chain 2012 Dave Delisle

My plan was to make a couple of Zelda door posters for people to buy, unfortunately it is very expensive from my current vendor (about $60+ apiece for door sizes). I then saw a few places that sell door posters for as little as $10 – $15 each, so I reached out to them (no response yet).

So if anyone can point me to a place that specializes in door posters, please let me know via email or the comments.

Besides the Ocarina Of Time dungeon door above I’ve also made a boss door from Windwaker. These can be fitted to the standard 60″ x 23″ size or the 60″ x 28″ as seen above (you’d have to punch out a hole for the door handle for the 28″ size).

I feel these would be great for bedroom doors, and maybe a few bosses out there would like this at the workplace.

Video Game Power-Up AC Adapter

Nintendo Power Adapter Triple Tap AC ELectrical Outlet Mario Metroid Link 2012 Dave Delisle

The basic premise here  (if it is not already obvious) is a grounded tap adapter which has a video game theme, to give the appearance that you are drawing power from a power-up item. The Triforce of Power, for example, would look like your preferred energy source.

Other bells and whistles include LED night lights (which have light sensors), USB adapters for charging mobile devices, and maybe some sound effects too (when plugging an item in).

I chose to make these tap adapters, because it would be as simple as plugging them in. You could make them specialty outlets too, which you’d have to install in place of a vanilla outlet.

Grounded Tap Adapter

(I added USB ports after I rendered this)

Sorry for just showing Nintendo themed designs! Other outlets can include: the energy tank from Mega Man and the power pellets from Pac-Man to name a few. Another way to go would be outlets that look like game consoles, like a Nintendo 64 or GameCube. This way the sockets could look like controller ports, and the lights would mimic the console’s power indicator.

Personally I’d love to have the Energy Tank from Super Metroid (middle). The ‘E’ would pulse yellow, which would look cool.

Zelda Lawn Ornaments

Zelda Lawn Ornaments Dave Delisle

So that last post got me thinking about how great it would be for a city park to adopt a Zelda layout, enough to get me thinking about doing a crowdfunding project (still mulling it over). My thoughts then migrated to something a little closer to home – the backyard to be exact. How cool would it be decorate the yard with Zelda-themed lawn ornaments in the style of item pickups? This is a million times better than gnomes!*

These would be ornaments with a little peg underneath that you’d plug into the lawn anywhere you want. It would look like Link invaded your property and struck down all the shrubs (he has issues).

I think this would be a fun DIY project for lawn-loving geeks. I have no idea how you’d make such large Rupees though (any thoughts out there?). For safety reasons I’d want the arrows made out of rubber (or something not stabby in general, as we’ve learned from lawn darts).

*The opinions expressed by this blogger do reflect those of this blog, and should be completely embraced by you without hesitation.

Thinkgeek Remix Part 1: Firefly Jar

Thinkgeek Remix

This is a ‘what-if’ series where I apply my spin on actual products available from Thinkgeek.

Ah, Thinkgeek. Home to many cool and creative products. Every so often I will browse their wares and see what cool toys they have for discriminating geeks like myself. Once in awhile I’ll see something they’re selling and think, hey wouldn’t it be cool if…? Well I thought I’d share some of my musings, because that’s what I do.

First up we have the ‘Electronic Firefly in a Jar‘, which is a neat simulation of a real firefly trapped in a jar (video at the link). The fake firefly ‘flies’ around (it’s tethered to the lid), emits light, and sometimes parks itself on the side of the jar, where it reacts to your tapping. It flaps its wings too. Cool beans.

I’d just swap out the firefly for Zelda’s Navi, the true antagonist of Ocarina of Time (Ganondorf had nothing on her). The hapless Navi would still fly around and emit light, in addition I would also add a sound chip to the inside of the lid, allowing Navi to emit her famous phrases. And this would be brilliant because most sound chips have poor-sounding quality, but inside the jar it would sound muffled and mostly inaudible*.

If I had one of these on my desk, I would wring my hands and laugh maniacally every time I heard the faintest protest coming from Navi. It would be glorious.

There would need to be a switch where the frequency of her voice phrases could be determined (once every half hour would be ideal). I’d also add an on-demand button on the lid to trigger a line of dialogue too.

I’d try to make the jar look Zelda-ish too (above example was a stock photo). I think this would make for a nice ambient lamp as well.

If you like this product idea, I suggest you bug Thinkgeek about it. Get it? Bug?

*I suppose if you wanted to hear her you could crack the lid open a bit.


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