Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft: Transmogrifier Diorama

Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft

I’m trying to better my papercraft skills, so I thought I’d start simple by building the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal. Even that was too difficult! Why not something as simple as a cardboard box?      *light-bulb goes off* Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft

That is just the base Companion Cube for comparison. You should see how many pieces are required for the full thing!

I then created this Calvin and Hobbes Transmogrifier diorama. The box is fully Papercraft, the characters are stand-up cut-outs. Right now it’s in black and white (just like the original cartoon), but I may put up a color version later this week if there are requests for it. I thought this would be a very simple Papercraft project for first-timers. Plus it looks great anywhere (even just the box alone). Probably as close as we’ll ever get to Calvin and Hobbes action figures – though I always thought that was an impossibility to begin with, as Calvin’s hairline is just impossible to reproduce in 3D or sculpted form. Here it is (black and white), click to enlarge and then right-click to save: Bill Watterson really made small flaps for this box I noticed. How did it ever keep anything in there? Ah well.

10 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes Papercraft: Transmogrifier Diorama

  1. I would so like to download your template for this, but when I click on the image a larger version does not come up.

  2. No problems getting the download with Firefox!
    Love Calvin & Hobbes!! I painted some large scale C&H pictures for my son’s bedroom. This will have to go up on a shelf next to my old C&H books.
    Thank you!

  3. OMG It’s calvin and hobbes,
    LOVE them …

    I had to print your paperwork and cut ‘n glue it IMMEDIATELY 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that lovely idea !!

  4. Grrrr. The template is showing up blank for me as well. Only have my Xoom tablet available atm but tried getting the template image to show up on two different browsers on the tablet & it’s still loading up blank. Darn!,

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