Lord of the Rings Floor Lamp

Gandalf LOTR tall lamp design by Dave Delisle

Here is a floor lamp design based on the staff used by Gandalf. He often used it to emit light, so it felt appropriate for a lamp.

The staff was wielded by Gandalf the White. The one used by Gandalf the Grey looked a bit rough, more like a twig. The above design has a nice ivory look.

3 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Floor Lamp

  1. Looks nice, but remember in your light fixture designs, light from LED’s tends to focus mainly on the direction it is pointed, and the light doesn’t spread downward.

    As a large lamp facing upwards, I would suggest LED’s on the sides of the inside to spread the light outward and actually be useful. …Unless you have some magic technology implemented in this… like small curved mirrors that spread the light outward in all directions… In that case, this is genius.

  2. All very true.

    I envisioned an LED array that lined the inside and pointed outward in all directions. It could be magnified by glass or mirror, but I think the white ivory surface would be good at bouncing light.

    Plus I didn’t give it much thought. I suppose a halogen bulb will do? :s

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