If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 15: Comic Book Display Case

Daily Planet Superman Shelf

I recently used a Comic Book rack for Blu-Ray movies earlier in the IKEA series, so where does that leave actual comic books? A bookshelf based on a popular superhero building will do the trick. There are several popular locales, like the Baxter Building (Fantastic Four), Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp, the Stark Building/Avengers Tower in New York, and so on. For this design I’ll be enlisting in the Daily Planet from Superman. 

Daily Planet Superman Shelf

It would feature a spinning Daily Planet globe on top, an array of internal LED lights, and several perches for your action figures (or other geeky collectibles).

This would make for a pretty cool display case, if not for your comics then your movies or toys or what have you.

Notes: This bookshelf would have two main doors on the front, just like a fridge. The top half would feature 2-4 side flaps that would store additional comics. The above design is only 6 feet tall, but could easily be another 1 or 2 feet taller. To make production feasible all of the individual “windows” would be painted onto large panes of glass. The glass would need to be UV-coated to help protect valuable comics within.

8 thoughts on “If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 15: Comic Book Display Case

  1. I’d like modular shelving, so I could have a larger one for my hardcovers & oversize omnibi on the same case as the single issues. you could sell different toppers that way, too.

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