The Shining’s Overlook Maze Map

Overlook maze map from the Shining

You can purchase a high-res poster of this image here (or click the image).

Not sure why I love to do replica art these days. Maybe it’s because I like the notion of having a souvenir from a film on my wall. And because I’m all about products here, I can at least craft these for people to acquire.

And this is a near-replica of the map seen in the film The Shining for all of 4 seconds. It is posted outside the maze that Danny and Wendy visit just as Jack begins his plight into madness. This film is cautionary tale about writers in general — best to stay away from them.

Here is a screencap for comparison:

Overlook maze map from the Shining Dave Delisle 2012

Besides the ‘Mazes & Labyrinths’ header below, I had to guess what was in the body of text. So I talked about Greek mythology and the Minotaur, and how visitors shouldn’t worry about finding a bloodthirsty monster roaming within (irony!), please enjoy your stay, etc. etc. – The Overlook Management.

Amazingly this is the first Stephen King item I have posted (Kubrick films have been cited before). I used to read his books a lot, then Buick 8 sort of soured me on the author for these past 12 or so years. I should finish the Gunslinger books though (stalled at Wizard and Glass).

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