Geeky Paper Lunch Bag Prints

Geeky Lunch Bags

Another printable for you to tackle, for those who like really easy DIY. These are logos you can print onto your paper lunch bag to make it look like a take-out bag:

Geeky Paper Bags

You can use white paper bags or regular brown bags (for that McDonald’s look). Your choices are Los Pollos Hermanos, The Krusty Krab, Mooby’s, and Smiley’s (that only took a minute to make so why not?).

You can find the instructions and downloads after the jump.

The art is sized to a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper (ignore cropping warnings). It is upside down and offset to allow for the correct placement of the paper bag loaded like so:

Printing Instructions Geeky Lunch Bags

It should work on most printers, this is about the same as printing on card paper or a thick envelope. If it jams or doesn’t feed, sorry. I recommend you print just the one side. Use the sliding guide on the feeder (what you use for envelopes) to help load the paper bag optimally.

The layout is for the standard 5.5″ wide bag. It should look slightly off for 6″ bags. You might have to nudge the artwork in Photoshop or Paint if you want it centered better.

Click to enlarge, save to your computer, then print as-is.

Los Pollos Hermanos Logo Large 2012 Dave Delisle

Click To Enlarge

Krusty Krab Logo Large 2012 Dave Delisle

Click To Enlarge

Mooby's Logo Large 2012 Dave Delisle

Click To Enlarge

Smiley's Logo Large 2012 Dave Delisle

Click To Enlarge

Krusty Burger Logo Lunch Bag

Click To Enlarge

I’m aware this isn’t a new idea, as there are a few other places online you can do a Pollos Hermanos lunch bag, albeit you can’t print directly on the bag with those. But the other 3 designs are new to this type of project.

With a geeky printed bag you might find yourself saving the bag and re-using it more! Good for the environment. I hope you enjoy these.


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  1. I think a nice Fishy Joe’s Popplers bag from Futurama would be pretty great. “Ride the Walrus!”

  2. I have to say I would never walk around with a Los Pollos Hermanos bags in the US…all it would take is one overzealous police officer who’s seen the show to ruin your day!

  3. Awesome! I love the Los Pollos Hermanos bags.

  4. Whammy Burger from Falling Down would also be cool.

  5. Love these! How about Bob’s Burgers?

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