Lord Of The Rings Jewelry Box

LOTR Jewelry Box by Dave's Geeky Ideas

What you see above is a very generic-looking jewelry box for Lord of the Rings, but I want you to ignore how it looks. This idea is about one very simple feature that’s inside the box. Let’s have a look after the jump. 

LOTR Jewelry Box by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Inside you’ll find a replica of the One Ring, one that actually emits a fiery light just like its film counterpart. This is because the ring is built into the box and has LED lights embedded within (or just below the surface the ring is perched on). The lights are active when the jewelry box is open.

LOTR Jewelry Box by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Essentially it’s a super-geeky fridge light. Nothing against fridges, but a jewelry box is a more appropriate locale for the One Ring, seeing as it rules other rings of power.

I prefer the ring being a permanent fixture for the box, due to the internal electronics and also not having to worry about ring sizes; however I can see it being a removable and wearable item. You could use inductive technology to power lights inside the ring while it is in the box; or the ring could have light-piping and would sit on a halo-shaped LED light cradle.

Regardless this would be a pretty cool case for all your precious keepsakes.

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